Accountant Online provides simple and cost-effective accounting and bookkeeping services for startups and small business. We offer fixed fees and software that suits your business.

Our Chartered Accountants can take care of Financial Statements, Tax Returns and Annual Returns for your business. You can also let us take care of your financial books and records.

Accountant Online’s bookkeeping service can offer you piece of mind that your business is compliant and efficient. Our fees are transparent and fixed for a year so you know what you’re getting straight away.

See here for our typical monthly fees for Startup and Small Business packages.

Accountant Online’s Accounting And Bookkeeping Service

  • First, you request a quote via our online form or call 01 9059364
  • Then we arrange a free consultation with one of our accountants. This will help us understand your business needs better so we can create the perfect package for you. We chat via phone or Skype so it is convenient for you.
  • Based on your business type, turnover and complexity, we send you an annual fee your approval via email. All the details regarding your package will be listed on this fee.
  • The fee is charged monthly on a pro-rated basis so that it is an affordable monthly amount. This means there will be no nasty surprises in your bill and you can plan your budget ahead.
  • Then depending on your location, you are assigned a dedicated Irish or UK based accountant
  • Your accounts are only a click away and your accountant is always at hand. Accountant Online is dedicated in providing excellent service for our clients and when you join us, you have access to great support.

Fees for Limited Companies and Sole Traders

Fees for Accounting Services for Limited Companies and Sole Traders are calculated on the basis of turnover.

Below are indicative fees for a business that has no cash transactions and requires preparation and filing of income tax and corporation tax returns:

Turnover and related annual fee, paid monthly:

  • <€30,000 per year €66.00 plus VAT per month
  • <50,000 per year €71.00 plus VAT per month
  • <€80,000 per year €78.00 plus VAT per month
  • <€120,000 per year €95.00 plus VAT per month
  • <€160,000 per year €119.00 plus VAT per month
  • <€180,000 per year €143.00 plus VAT per month
  • <€200,000 per year €167.00 plus VAT per month
  • <€250,000 per year €203.00 plus VAT per month

For more information on our accountancy and bookkeeping service, please contact us.