Have you been thinking about setting up a company in Ireland, but aren’t sure of the setup costs involved in registering a Limited Company? Or are you considering changing from a sole trader to a Limited Company? If so, here is some information and guidance on the cost to set up a company in Ireland.

We understand that when you’re starting out in business, you may be bootstrapping and keeping costs down wherever possible, so this guide will take you through each part of the company formation process and where we recommend that you save or spend your money.

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How much does company registration cost in Ireland?

The Companies Registration Office (CRO) is responsible for the registration of companies in Ireland. To set up a company here, you need to submit Form A1 and a company constitution to the CRO. Here we will break down the costs associated with the application and the costs required if you wish to outsource some parts of the company formation process.
  • Company registration application (Form A1) - €50

    This is the filing fee for the new company registration application and is a necessary cost for all new companies that wish to incorporate in Ireland.

  • Outsourced company formation - €199+VAT, special offer once-off cost

    You can outsource the company formation process to a company formation specialist, such as Accountant Online. We will look after all the paperwork on your behalf. For a limited time, we are offering this service for €199+VAT and the CRO filing fee of €50 is included in this price.

  • Professional company secretary - from €299+VAT, per year

    It’s common that new companies will outsource their company secretary for the first few years in business. This allows time to get familiar with the compliance requirements.

  • Virtual Office fees - €399+VAT, per year

    Outsourcing your mail and address requirements provides you with a professional, central address for your invoices and business mail. It also ensures that you are dealing with less paperwork since all your mail will be digitally scanned and sent to you daily.

  • Company seal - €75+VAT once-off fee

    Every Irish Limited Company is legally required to have a company seal and should be purchased after incorporation. The seal allows you to emboss important company documentation with your company name and number.

Can I set up a Limited Company myself?

The process of registering a company is done on the CRO digital system, CORE. You can set up a CORE account online and complete this paperwork yourself.

If you have never done this before, some of the terminologies may throw you off. But don’t worry, Accountant Online has a great team of company secretarial professionals who use CORE daily. Our team is happy to provide an easy and streamlined company formation service for you.

We will check your company name suggestions and prepare all the paperwork, including the Form A1 and Constitution for you. We will also take care of post-incorporation paperwork, such as your share certificates, minutes of incorporation, and company register.

While you can do this yourself, our clients find it more efficient to outsource to our professional team

Can one person be a Limited Company in Ireland?

A single person can set up a company in Ireland, however, they must have a separate company secretary.

Many of our clients are single-member companies and avail of our Company Secretarial Services so they meet their compliance requirements. Our qualified, professional company secretaries are on hand to look after your important paperwork with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). For instance, the company secretary will prepare and co-signs your company’s Annual Return.

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Can I use my home address to set up a business in Ireland?

A requirement for setting up a company in Ireland is having a Registered Address and Business Address. If you have a home address in Ireland, you can use this on your company incorporation application. However, you should be aware that this address will be publicly shared on the CRO website. This means that anyone looking up your company will have access to this address.  

For this reason, many new companies will outsource their address requirements to a Registered Office Agent (ROA) like Accountant Online. Our Virtual Office Service is perfect for new business owners that are working from home or don’t have a central location for their business yet.

What is a company seal?

Every Irish Limited Company is legally required to have a company seal. There are specific uses for the seal, and you are usually notified when you are required to use one. Some general uses include minutes of meetings, share transfers, company law, contract law, and property law  

You can purchase a company seal straight away, after incorporation. The benefit of having the seal from the beginning is the peace of mind that your company is fully compliant with its requirements straight away.

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Do I need an accountant to set up a Limited Company?

There is no legal requirement for you to have an accountant when you set up a business in Ireland. However, there are statutory tax and accounting requirements and you may need expert support and guidance to ensure you meet those requirements.

Our team of qualified and experienced chartered and certified accountants can take care of your tax requirements and filings. They will make sure that you are paying the correct taxes, and that no filing deadlines are missed. 

For instance, you need to register for Corporation Tax before your company starts trading and invoicing clients. We recommend that you talk to our Client Services Team to discuss our annual accounting and year-end services. We are happy to provide expert advice on running a new business.

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Our client services team are always happy to talk to you about what's best for your needs

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