Learn how to hire internationally & manage HR and payroll for international teams

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Why join?

Have you thought about employing people internationally but didn’t follow through because of confusing legal procedures and compliance issues around HR and payroll? The ability to work from anywhere is becoming the norm and your business has the opportunity to hire an international team. However, understanding and complying with local regulations, tax breaks and allowances related to working from home can cause obstacles for businesses that aren’t familiar with other countries’ WFH rules.

If you’re already managing remote workers, you may already have a good remote working culture, but taking that internationally has its own set of requirements. This webinar will talk you through these requirements and how to tackle them.

This webinar will be hosted by Boundless – an employment platform that takes care of legal and compliance issues that comes with employing people in other countries. During this session, you’ll learn how to manage payroll and HR compliance for international teams.

What will be covered?

1) Key operational considerations when hiring internationally

2) Potential challenges with independent contracting, and why it’s not always a good solution

3) Managing HR and compliance with local employment legislation – for international teams

4) Running multi-country payroll

About Dee Coakley

Dee Coakley is CEO & Co-Founder of Boundless. Boundless takes the hard work out of remote people ops by allowing companies to quickly and easily employ people in other countries, while also managing multi-country payroll, tax filings & HR compliance.

Before Boundless, Dee was a three-time COO, having spent 10 years with scaling B2B SaaS businesses (Masabi, Bizimply & Axonista). In her COO roles, she experienced first-hand the operational challenges of running distributed teams, and employing people in new countries. Her belief that it should be much easier to employ anyone, anywhere, led to her founding the international employment platform, Boundless.

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