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#BusinessGrowth webinar with Fredericka Sheppard, Managing Director & Co-Founder of  Voltedge Management.

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Why join?

Are you a business manager or owner that is managing remote workers for the first time? Some of us are experiencing working from home for the first time so there are still some considerations we need to make. Isolation, distractions, and lack of supervision are a real concern for some employees, and as a business owner, it may be your responsibility to promote a good remote working culture.

We recognise that many businesses are managing (newly) remote employees and so, this webinar will help you address your challenges with managing remote workers and highlight the opportunities within your organisation. We will provide tips and best practices to improve the engagement and productivity of remote employees.

What will be covered?

1) Remote Working – what does that really mean for companies

2) Employer responsibilities and the need to build a good Remote Working Culture

3) Addressing Diversity & Inclusion in a virtual workplace

4) A review of the expected regulations on the Right to Disconnect and the Right to request to Work Remotely

5) Challenges and opportunities for companies and managers

6) Developing your own toolkit for a remote working strategy

About Fredericka Sheppard

Fredericka is Managing Director & Co-Founder of Voltedge Management and a Chartered Member of the CIPD and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with the IMCA. She is currently a member of the Executive Council of the SFA and a Board Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers.

She recently was a member of the task force subgroup on the National SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan Report and is a current member of the Enterprise Ireland Panel of HR/OD Consultants. As well as working within the entrepreneur hubs, she has managed a number of international HR assignments and regularly provides advice and support to Boards of Directors and Leadership & Management teams.

Fredericka is passionate about empowering small businesses to compete and perform to their potential in a global marketplace and believes this can be achieved through effective management of people and authentic leadership capability.

Why join our #BusinessGrowth webinars?

This series is produced to give business owners support on the next phases of business growth.

We’re delighted to be joined by industry experts who can share their expertise and knowledge in a certain area of business management.

If you would like us to cover any topic in particular, let us know.

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