Tax And Compliance Service

Starting a business in Ireland can be a quick and easy process with the right help. It’s what comes afterward that can cause worry and stress. So why not let professions take care of your company’s Tax Compliance issues? Accountant Online is here to make life easier for you by doing the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your accounts.

Accountant Online will keep your small business or Startup be compliant with the Companies Registration Office, Revenue, and other statutory requirements. This leaves you free to get on with running your business.

Or perhaps you are self-employed or a PAYE employee? Then you may need help with filing your tax returns and claiming all the allowances you are eligible for, such as tax credits and reliefs. We can cover your needs with our Tax and Compliance Service too.

Features Of Our Tax And Compliance Service

We offer a full, professional accountant service.

Our Tax and Compliance service offers:

  • A professional accountant dedicated to your business and its needs
  • All our communication is online via email and Skype or over the phone so you can reach us at a time that suits you
  • Management of all your accounts
  • Our service is charged on a fixed fee basis – so no nasty surprises in your bill at the end of the year
  • Compilation and maintenance of all the financial information you need for annual returns to the Companies Registration Office (CRO)
  • Compilation and maintenance of all the financial information you need for Revenue tax compliance and tax returns, such as VAT returns
  • Support to find the best online software for storing and maintaining your financial records
  • Access to your online accounts
  • Support in making sure you are claiming all the allowances and deductions you are eligible for
  • We ensure that your annual returns to the CRO are prepared accurately and submitted on time – every time
  • We ensure that your VAT returns prepared with care and submitted on time – every time
  • Corporation Tax returns and file them on time – every time
  • Preparation and filing of prepare and file Income Tax returns on time – every time

Benefits Of Using Our Online Tax Compliance Service

There are lots of benefits of using our comprehensive tax and compliance service, for you and your business.

Saving You Money

Unless accounting is your area of expertise, it can take a lot of time to set up and maintain all your business financial records.  If you calculate how much this time is costing you, it may work out much cheaper to leave it to us.

If you are self-employed or a PAYE employee, you may struggle with tax returns and may not be aware of the allowances and deductions to which you are entitled. We can use our financial expertise to make sure all allowable deductions are made.

Time And Stress

Saving time on tax and compliance also frees you from the worry that can be involved in getting your finances set up properly from the beginning. If finance is an area you find challenging, then it can also free you from the stress of maintaining your accounts and worrying about Revenue and CRO deadlines.

Saving time on tax and compliance also leaves you free to focus on your key strengths and your core business activities: building and growing the sale and supply of your products or services.

Meet All Your Compliance Obligations

Our professionals will make sure your company complies with all the statutory rules and regulations.  These include the CRO and Revenue requirements. We prepare all your forms accurately and we never miss deadlines. So, you never have to worry about meeting your tax compliance obligations

Avoid Costly Fines And Penalties

If you are under pressure, it can be easy to push tax and accounting issues to the bottom of your To Do list. But you could end up paying dearly for this. Penalties for failing to file your Annual Returns on time include fines and having your accounts audited for 2 years. This is both costly and unnecessary.  There are also more serious penalties for breaching your Company Law obligations. You could face prosecution by the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE)

Online Access To Your Financial Records

We use the best online accounting systems and help you choose the right one for you and your business. This means that you have mobile access to your financial records when you are on the go. You never know when you need to take a query from the bank. Or when one of your team call with an urgent financial question. With our online accounting service, the answers are all there at your fingertips.

Transparency On Costs

One of the great things about Accountant Online is the transparency of our charges. Like most of our services, we charge for our Tax and Compliance service on a fixed fees basis. This means you know exactly what you are paying – so there are no nasty surprises in your bill. It also means you can budget ahead for your Tax and Compliance costs, which helps with your financial planning. Our online tax services are designed to be efficient and easy for you to understand.

Accountant Online’s Tax And Compliance Service

When you start a business, there are so many areas to deal with: sales, staffing, marketing, and finance. No matter how good you are, it’s not always realistic to try and do everything. The tricky thing about Tax and Compliance? You must get it right from the start because mistakes can be costly.

So, you need an accountant you can trust to guide you through all the tax compliance issues. Accountant Online’s Tax & Compliance Service starts at just €50 + VAT per month and we’re dedicated to bringing you the best online experience with your Accountant. To find out more, just call us on IRE 01 905 9364 or UK 028 71337777

You can also email us at and find us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.