Company Formation

Accountant Online can have your new company incorporated in one week.

All new clients receive exclusive discounts on web design, printing, workbench space and more.

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Virtual Office in Dublin

Do you need both a Registered Office and a Business address in Dublin City? A Registered Office is a legal requirement of all limited companies in Ireland. It is where all formal CRO (Companies Registration Office)  and legal notices addressed to your company are sent and it needs to be a physical location in Ireland. When you incorporate your new

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our Chartered Accountants take care of Financial Statements, Tax Returns and Annual Returns. Our Bookkeeping service ensures that the day to day accounts of your business are kept up to date. You will have all of the advantages of using experienced accounts staff without the extra employment costs.

Register A Business Name Online in Ireland

Register Your Business Name Online Congratulations! You have decided on your new business name. Now let us help you register your name online with CRO. The process is quick, easy and efficient. Accountant Online submits business names on your behalf to the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. The business name registration fee is just €59 plus VAT for online filing and

Free Offers for Startups Registering A New Company

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Business Address

Use our Dublin office as your Business Address.
It is a legal requirement to have a business address when setting up a limited company in Ireland as this is the location you will conduct your daily business from. If your business is based online, you are also required to provide a trading address. The address must be in Ireland and can be the same as your registered address.

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Registered Office Address

Use our Dublin or Donegal offices as your Registered Address for just €350/year+VAT. It is a legal requirement to have a registered address when setting up a limited company in Ireland as your statutory mail and correspondence with the Company Registration Office will be sent there.

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Tax and Compliance

Tax and annual returns too time-consuming and stressful? Save time and money with the Accountant Online Tax and Compliance Service: Let us manage your Accounts; let us prepare and file income tax returns and corporation tax returns on time – every time.


Accountant Online offers outsourcing services for accounting firms in Ireland and the UK. We also outsource to business so they can focus on the other activities which will best establish and grow their business.

Depending on your strategic goals and internal competencies, you may decide that certain services are best outsourced, such as
-Company secretarial
-Routine compliance

Company Secretarial

Every company is legally obliged to have a company secretary. It’s good practice to ask professionals to take on the role, as there are legal and compliance obligations to fulfil. Accountant Online will prepare and submit all statutory forms with the CRO and Revenue Commissioners to make sure you do not breach company law.

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