ROS pay and file tax deadline 2019

The tax filing deadline for the self-employed in Ireland is 31st October of each year.

This is extended to 12th November 2019 if you pay and file online.

Don’t leave it too late though – gathering your documents can take time and the earlier you get your filing in the better you can relax until next year.

Documents to gather

  • Business receipts  – to back up your business expenses
  • Sales Invoices
  • Bank Statements

Paying tax due

You will need to file your tax return and self–assessment for the previous tax year (January to December of the previous year).

You must file your tax return for any non–PAYE sources of income, profit from shares or if you are approved for SARP (Special Assignee Relief Programme).

If you are an owner-director you must also file a tax return.

In addition to paying your tax for the previous year, you will need to pay Preliminary tax – the payment of tax for the coming year.

Late payments

If you miss the October 31st self – employed tax return deadline you may be charged interest for each day you go over, along with a surcharge.

If you have not submitted your tax return at this stage, we recommend the following 3 steps:

  • Gather together all of your records for your business, sales and purchase invoices, bank statements, cheque books, cash records etc
  • Bring them to your accountant as soon as you can to allow him/her maximum time to prepare your accounts and discuss your tax liability with you
  • If you think that your liability will be substantial, consider a pension contribution which can significantly reduce the amount due

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