Learn what is included in a term sheet and how to negotiate its terms with investors

Wallace Corporate Counsel

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Why join?

Thinking about raising funds from Friends and Family (F&F), Angels, Enterprise Ireland, or Venture Capitalists (VC)? Term sheets are used to negotiate the investment terms before the investment is made.

During this webinar, Wallace Corporate Counsel will be taking us through what we need to know about term sheets, what is contained in a term sheet, and how to negotiate a term sheet with investors.

What will be covered?

1. The purpose of term sheets

2. Negotiation – Friends & Family vs Angel vs Enterprise Ireland vs Venture Capital

3. Equity vs convertible loans vs SAFEs (Simple Agreement For Future Equity) vs ASAs ( Advance Subscription Agreements

4. Principal bones of contention – valuation (founder dilution) & vesting

5. Valuation / dilution / cap table management

6. Binding / non-binding?

7. Exclusivity

8. Costs

9. Live Q&A

About Alan Ryan, Partner

Alan has extensive experience in transactional work advising companies, private equity funds, angel investment groups and entrepreneurs on a variety of commercial and corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, private equity investments, debt financing, corporate restructuring, joint ventures and shareholder arrangements. Alan also advises on a broad range of general corporate and commercial matters, particularly in the technology sector.

About Michael Bambrick, Associate

Prior to joining Wallace Corporate Counsel LLP, Michael worked as director of operations & legal with a clean-tech start-up and on the finance team in Matheson. Michael recently advised on Series A funding rounds of Brightflag, Glofox and VideoElephant in addition to the acquisitions of MyFutureNow by L&G and RinoCloud by Integumen plc.

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