Business Growth Webinar hosted by Aisling Healy, Career & Life Coach.

Topic: Remote Management

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Are you an employer or manager that is managing a remote team? Do you know how to motivate your colleagues and ensure good quality work if you’re working from home?

Contact us to receive a recording of our Business Growth Webinar to understand how to manage your team remotely and learn ways to overcome the challenges of remote working for managers and employees.

What was covered?

Aisling guided us through the challenges that remote workers and managers face, helped us assess our leadership styles and provided tips on how to deal with the changes in our life and work.

Aisling also provided us with advice for managing our work from home and leading a team remotely, making this Business Growth webinar suitable for both employees and managers.

What was discussed?

1) Challenges of remote working for the manager
2) Challenges of remote working for the employee
3) How to assess your leadership style
4) How to overcome the challenges of remote working
5) Tips for motivating your team

About Aisling Healy

“Hi, I’m Aisling from Aisling Healy Coaching.

As an experienced HR & Recruitment professional, I have gained invaluable experience on all of the facets related to HR & Recruitment. I have transferred that knowledge into setting up my Coaching Business which I have been running successfully for the past year.

I have many years’ experience coaching managers on how to effectively manage their employees fairly and effectively whilst looking after the employee’s wellbeing. I have worked with managers on performance management, motivating their teams, managing conflict, giving and receiving feedback and now managing their teams effectively while working remotely.”

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