Learn about the R&D tax credit in Ireland and how to apply

Find out how to claim R&D tax credits and claim back up to 25% of the project cost

Business Growth webinar hosted with RandDTaxCredits.ie

Would you like access to an affordable, expert-led and easy solution for claiming up to 25% of your R&D costs?

During this Business Growth Webinar, we met with Cathal Noone of RandDTaxCredits.ie where he explains the technical requirements of claiming the R&D tax credit, what costs are allowed, and the claiming process.

Check if this webinar is a fit for you:

If any of the following apply to you, register now to learn how you can claim back up to 25% of the project cost.
  • Research & Development

    Is your company developing or researching how to develop a material, product, device, process, or system?

  • Employees

    Do you have to employ technically qualified or highly experienced staff from one of the STEM disciplines?

  • Deliverability

    Would those technical staff say that they need to overcome technical complexity to deliver those solutions?

What will be covered?

Technical requirements to claim the R&D tax credit
 What costs are allowed?
 Benefits of claiming the R&D tax credit
What records do you need in order to claim
How do you claim the R&D tax credit

About Cathal Noone, managing director of RandDTaxCredits.ie

Noone created a more efficient, robust, and auditable way to provide R&D tax credit services, compliance, and specialist tax advice. 

Previously, Noone worked as a director in PWC, having become one of the countries leading advisors in R&D tax credits and providing services to some of the largest multinationals in the world. Noone has advised companies across all industries, including the hardware, software, pharmaceutical, medical device, insurance, banking, and agri-food sectors.

Noone has spent years helping companies put systems and structures in place to support their research and development tax credit claims. Having gained a deep knowledge and understanding of all the intricacies and pitfalls associated with R&D tax credit claims, he has designed and developed this Cloud solution to make claiming R&D as easy and as successful as possible.

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