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Why join?

Are you seeking business funding but want to look beyond traditional business loans through banking institutions? Equity Crowdfunding is for companies that are seeking to raise new money to finance their growing business. You offer a fixed number of shares to the ‘crowd’ in return for a fixed amount of money.

Equity Crowdfunding is an attractive funding option for businesses and investors alike because there is a tax relief for trading companies to attract equity-based risk finance from individuals called Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS).

This webinar will give you more information on Equity Crowdfunding, who can do it, how does it work, how to prepare a campaign, and tips for success.

What will be covered?

1) What is Equity Crowdfunding, who can do it, how does it work?
2) How to prepare a campaign
3) A guide to success

About Christopher Burge

Chris Burge is CEO of Spark CrowdFunding, an equity investment platform based in Dublin. The platform facilitates investment into SMEs and start-ups by a wide range of private investors, known as ‘the crowd’. Chris has been an active investor in start-up businesses over the years and also provides mentor advice to a number of early-stage companies. He has started a number of successful businesses of his own over the years, notably in the energy sector. With over 25 years commercial experience, Chris also has a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a Master’s degree in Energy Management.

Why join our #BusinessGrowth webinars?

This series is produced to give business owners support on the next phases of business growth.

We’re delighted to be joined by industry experts who can share their expertise and knowledge in a certain area of business management.

If you would like us to cover any topic in particular, let us know.

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