Learn how to build value in your business and how to prepare for exit

Crowe - Learn how to value your company and conduct a business valuation

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Why join?

Do you have questions about how to conduct a company valuation? If you’re growing and scaling a business, you might be thinking of ways to sell it in the future. This could be part of your retirement plan or overall business strategy but it is important that you consider it sooner rather than later.

Join our #BusinessGrowth webinar with Gerard O’Reilly, Partner at Crowe to learn more about how to calculate the value of your business and how to prepare for selling your company.

What will be covered?

1) Why Building Value should be your core purpose
2) What is a valuable business?
3) Steps for creating value
4) How to complete the value generation journey
5) Tax pitfalls and opportunities

About Gerard O'Reilly

Gerard is a qualified accountant working as a public accountant in Ireland, UK & Canada. He’s currently a 2. Partner in Crowe, Accountants in Ireland which is part of the 7th largest network worldwide.

He is working mainly with privately owned, ambitious and growing companies for over 30 years and personally, he’s very passionate about entrepreneurship.

He helps companies through the growing pains of finance, taxes, systems and organisation. Through the business disposal process, he has seen a lot of money left on the table and this has driven him to identify how businesses can maximise their exit value.

Why join our #BusinessGrowth webinars?

Have you been in business for more than 6 months? This series is produced to give business owners support on the next phases of business growth.

We’re delighted to be joined by industry experts who can share their expertise and knowledge in a certain area of business management.

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