Do you have questions about how to charge VAT in a post-Brexit world?

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This webinar focuses on your commonly asked questions about how to charge VAT, how to report on VAT and the VAT requirements for Irish businesses in a post-Brexit world.

This free webinar is for Irish businesses that are moving goods in or through Great Britain or Northern Ireland, importing goods and/or outsourcing services to and from Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

Frequently asked questions about charging VAT after Brexit

  1. What are the VAT rules for e-commerce businesses in the UK?
  2. What is an Online Marketplace (“OMP”)?
  3. What are incoterms?
  4. What are the VAT changes in B2B and B2C sales?
  5. Do I need to register for UK VAT?
  6. How to register for an EORI number?
  7. What are the VAT implications for UK imports?
  8. Who is responsible for paying import VAT?

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