Find out more about rewarding your staff differently - offer Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP)

Business Growth Webinar hosted with Wallace Corporate Counsel

As a business owner/manager, you may have plans for growth and scaling – but have you considered how you will align key employees to your long-term growth ambitions? Retaining good staff can help you take your business to the next level.

Watch our free Business Growth Webinar to about the different types of employee share plans and their requirements.

Why join?

If your business is still small or if you can’t afford to pay key managers a competitive salary, you could consider offering share incentives as a way to ensure commitment among the team.

There are different employee share plans and during this webinar, Sean Wallace, founding partner of Wallace Corporate Counsel LLP, will give you advice and guidance on the options available to companies in Ireland such as Share Option Plans, Restricted Share Scheme, Growth Share Plan & KEEP (Key Employee Engagement Programme). You’ll learn about the tax implications, the different share classes, and best practices and criteria for setting up an employee share option plan.

What will be covered?

1) What is a share option?

2) Overview on the different Employee Share Plans – Unapproved Share Option Plan, Restricted Share Scheme & Growth Share Plan, KEEP (Key Employee Engagement Programme)

3) Criteria for companies

4) Tax consequences for employees

5) Reporting requirements

6) Live Q&A

About Sean Wallace

Sean is the founding partner of Wallace Corporate Counsel LLP, establishing the firm in 2011. Prior to this, he was a Partner in two major Dublin law firms, specialising in corporate transactions.

He qualified as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand in 1993, working for a large New Zealand corporate law firm for a number of years. He has practised in Ireland since 1997 and is also qualified in England & Wales.

Areas of Expertise Include: Mergers, acquisitions, and disposals of public and private companies (including by way of tender / competitive bid process). Equity / debt financing (seed / venture capital / private equity). General corporate transactions (joint ventures, shareholders agreements, etc). Corporate governance, Board advice, shareholder disputes. Corporate and company law advice. Commercial trading contracts and advisory.

Why join our #BusinessGrowth webinars?

This series is produced to give business owners support on the next phases of business growth.

We’re delighted to be joined by industry experts who can share their expertise and knowledge in a certain area of business management.

If you would like us to cover any topic in particular, let us know.

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