What’s Included?

Live Startup Masterclass Webinar: Expenses

Free for clients of Accountant Online. Learn what expenses you can claim and what this can do for your tax bill!



Free for clients of Accountant Online.

How do I join this event?

Our live Startup Masterclass Webinar series is designed for early-stage Limited Companies who are looking for tips on how to run their company in the most tax-efficient way possible.

A large number of allowable expenses go unclaimed every year because people are don’t know what they can claim for.

During this masterclass, we will be discussing what expenses you may be entitled to, how you can claim them and what this can do to your tax bill.

What you will learn:

  1. What is a business expense?
  2. What is a personal expense?
  3. How do you do a motor expenses calculation?
  4. How do you do a phone bill calculation?
  5. Can you claim rent as an expense?
  6. What about pre-trading expenses?
  7. What is travel and subsistence?
  8. What is the working from home allowance?
  9. What are round sum payments and can these be claimed?
  10. What about site-based employees?

What’s Next?

After you purchase you will be immediately sent instructions on how to register for the live webinar. After registration, you simply mark the date down on your calendar and join us on the day!