Payroll Service for businesses in Ireland

Outsource your payroll in Ireland and trust that your employees will be paid accurately and on-time.

Our Payroll Specialists are IPASS certified and highly responsive, precise and efficient. We are dedicated to making sure the payroll function in your business operates smoothly.

We use BrightPay Connect Payroll Software which gives employers and employees access to a payroll platform on their computer and mobile phone.

Get in touch with our Client Services team if you would like to outsource your payroll. You can call us on +353 (0)1 905 9364 or email

Payroll Set Up Service

  • We will register your business as an employer. If you are already registered, we will link as your PAYE tax agent with the Irish Revenue Commission (Revenue).
  • Your business will be set up as an employer on our payroll system, Connect.
  • All individual employees will also be set up on Connect and we will check that tax credits are correctly allocated. If they aren’t, our Payroll Team will give you advice on what you need to do.
  • Our Payroll Specialists make sure that accurate information is set up on Connect so we can prepare monthly payroll submissions to Revenue and to your employees.

Payroll Processing Service

  • This includes preparing and filing payroll submissions to Revenue.
  • It also includes registering any new employees on Connect, removing any employees who are no longer employed, and providing payslips to employees and employers.
  • We will calculate PAYE deductions, including employees’ PRSI deductions and employers’ PRSI liabilities.
  • We can pay PAYE tax liabilities to Revenue on your behalf which means we’ll take care of direct debit payments.
  • Our Payroll Specialists work with your business to ensure all your employees are paid accurately and on-time.

1. We take care of payroll set-up

The first thing to do is to check that you are registered as an employer with the Irish Revenue Commissioner (Revenue).

  • If you aren’t registered, we will register you as part of our Payroll Setup Service.
  • If you’re already registered as an employer, we will link as your PAYE agent. This notifies Revenue that we take care of your payroll and we will directly communicate with Revenue on your behalf.

Set-up on payroll software, Connect

We take care of setting up all your employees on our payroll software, Connect.

This information is vital for our payroll service in Ireland because we need accurate profiles for each employee. The information we require includes name, date of birth, address, gender, email address, Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), payment schedule and gross payment.

Our Payroll Specialists will help you each step of the way to make sure you retrieve the correct information from your employees.

Get started by getting a quote for our payroll services in Ireland. We’re always happy to assist you.

2. We take care of payroll processing

Get in touch with our Client Services Team to learn more about outsourcing your payroll.

  • Calculate tax and report to Revenue

    Our team will look after calculating employees’ tax deduction, reporting the payment to Revenue and ensuring payslips are sent to employees and employers.

    As well as that, we'll prepare and file monthly PAYE returns to Revenue.

  • Ensure staff are paid properly and any changes are implemented

    Our team of Payroll Specialists are dedicated to making sure that employees’ taxes are correct and they receive their payslips.

    We work alongside your business and you can always keep us up to date with any changes in your business through phone, email or video chat.

    We send regular reminders via the Connect app and through email to request any changes from the previous payroll run.

  • Calculate employers' PRSI liability

    We make sure to notify employers of their PRSI liabilities as many business owners may not consider this.

    Employers also pay ‘employer PRSI’ on top of any salary they pay employees. Employers PRSI is generally 11.05% of the salary of the employee. But this can vary depending on the employees' PRSI class.

  • Making payment to Revenue on your behalf

    We can pay employers’ PAYE tax liabilities to Revenue on your behalf if your business doesn’t have direct debit set up. This means you can pay us your PAYE tax liability and we will pay that amount directly to Revenue on your behalf via direct debit as part of your service with us.

    Our Payroll Team helps make running your business easier. Get in touch with our Client Services Team to discuss outsourcing your payroll. We’re always happy to help.

3. We offer expert advice from IPASS qualified Payroll Specialists

Our Payroll Team are always on hand to answer your questions about tax credits, tax deductions, holiday hours and pay, queries about Revenue, setting up on Revenue’s Online System (ROS), important deadline dates for filing and paying PAYE liabilities and how payments are made.

Depending on your industry, you may also have queries about business mileage, subsistence, working from home allowance, benefit-in-kind (BIK), pensions, tax-free vouchers etc. We’re always happy to offer advice based on your specific situation.

Feel free to chat with us if you would like more information about how we serve our clients. 

4. We’re up to date with the latest legislation

Accountant Online is an award-winning Chartered Accountancy firm. Our Payroll Team is IPASS qualified so you can trust use to ensure your payroll runs smoothly.

Whether you have payroll as an add-on service for our accountancy services for startups or payroll as a standalone service, we are highly responsive, accurate and efficient.

5. We offer access to beautiful payroll software

All our payroll clients have access to Connect payroll software on their computer or mobile.

Employers and employees can retrieve their payment details quickly, easily and it is on the cloud.

Here are the features of the Connect software so you can see what you have access to:

Employer dashboard

Employers can access a secure online dashboard that gives an overview of payroll information in one place. It includes notifications, all employee contact details, payslips and any outstanding amounts due to Revenue.

Employee self-service

Employees can use the Connect app to view and download current and historic payslips, HR documents and other payroll documents.

Managing employee requests

Employers can use the Leave Management System so employees can request annual leave through the self-service portal. Employees have a personal annual leave calendar and see their remaining annual leave.

Company calendar

Connect includes an employee calendar so employers will have a complete record of all employees’ past and scheduled annual leave, unpaid leave, sick leave and parenting leave.

HR document upload

Employers can upload an individual’s contact of employment, performance review, training records, circulate team plans, training material, distribute company handbook, policies and procedures.

Revenue payments

Employers can view Revenue payments for the tax year and the exact amount of tax that is due to Revenue.

It also breaks downs the employer’s monthly return.


What do I need to do next?

Outsource your payroll to Accountant Online.

  • Payroll Set-Up Service
  • Payroll Processing Service

New Limited Companies can avail of our Startup Offer for accountancy services. This offer includes tax registration (including PAYE registration), tax filing, Annual Returns (at 6 and 18 months after incorporation), Directors Return and free premium subscription to online accountancy software, Xero.

You can avail of this offer for €159+VAT per month for 18 months. If you would like us to process payroll for your business in Ireland, get in touch with our Client Services Team now.

Feel free to chat with us, call our Client Services Team on +353 (0)1 905 9364 or email