Moving business from UK to Ireland

Leonidas Stergiou is the owner and director of Stergiou Books Limited. The business started as a family publishing house and bookstore in the early 2000s. The first business venture started in Greece and was formed as a family-run media company.

The brothers Leonidas and Artemis Stergiou began their publishing career in 2012 when they created the company Stergiou Limited in London. The ownership and management of the company were transferred to Leonidas in 2016. He is an experienced manager and has done academic research into publishing and media. He has over 22 years of experience working in publishing, media, and high-tech companies.

After the Brexit referendum, he decided to move all business activities to Ireland. Stergiou Limited transferred all assets, rights, agreements, and imprints to Stergiou Books Limited.

They have a team of experienced and highly skilled media professionals. Well-known journalist Dimitrios Stergiou is Leonidas father.

The steps to relocate

“When we decided to relocate our business activities from the UK to Ireland, we were seeking partners and professionals who could support our overall endeavour. We began looking for firms that provided high-quality consulting, accounting, and bookkeeping services. This was our first step. We knew the process would be complex. We didn’t have past experience in such a venture so we knew we had to get help so the process would be easier in the long run.”

“We knew that we needed to hire professionals with international experience and who were familiar with the UK framework. What we needed at this stage was professional advice and solutions. This was a crucial condition to conclude our relocation to Ireland. We wanted to establish a robust and sustainable presence in Ireland, and become fully compliant with Irish and European laws and regulations. We knew that we had to complete these steps and to do so we began looking for an accountant to assist us to reach our goal.”

“We found Accountant Online and it was clear to us they seemed like the exact company we were looking for to help us relocate our business to Ireland.”

Stergiou Services

Stergiou have two main product packages they offer to clients. All of their services are provided following an NDA and service sheet agreement. Titles published by Stergiou are available from more than 45,000 online and in stores retailers, libraries, schools, and universities in the world. These include Irish universities, such as Trinity college, NUI Maynooth and Galway and UCD.

Full Self-Publishing Pack (B2C)

Stergiou provides high-quality, self-publishing services, including but not limited to:
- The production of book and eBook files
- Design and layout of the cover an inner pages
- Formatting & Typesetting
- Ebook and file conversions and file repairs
- Upload of files to a self-publishing service, such as Amazon
- Proofreading, editing, and copyediting

Publishing Services (B2B)

B2B publiching services are the primary focus of Stergiou. This service takes care of:
- Design and layout for all kinds of publications
- Typesetting and formatting for all kinds of publication
- All kinds of infographics, graphic design and illustration
- Editing for publications in English
- Outsourcing the published works according to client specifications.

Establishing a professional relationship that gives you confidence in your business

“If you are just starting a business or relocating one, it can be a challenging experience. It has been a lot of learning mixed with a lot of work. In terms of our experience since using Accountant Online, our stress has certainly been reduced in terms of financial matters.

Accountant Online isn’t just a monthly cost or a category of professionals expenses. It is an asset as an investment in compliance and credibility, and they are our right hand in our business. I would strongly recommend Accountant Online for companies of all sizes and industries. People in business can find a reliable accountant who will make the overall adventure more efficient and smooth at the best value for money.

Accountant Online helped me to achieve my strategic goals and run my business efficiently and smoothly. They do the same with all their clients.”

Accountant Online proudly showcases Adscribe Ireland as our client and we hope their story inspires you to take your business to the next step of setting up a Limited Company in Ireland.

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