Meet Wojtek Bochenski

Wojtek Bochenski is the co-founder of MaxFlow Consulting. He has more than 25 years of experience in sales management and business development. He has knowledge about business processes in international transport and logistics fields. He is known for coaching successful sales teams with a charismatic style.

MaxFlow Consulting focuses on the transport and logistics industry, bringing IoT-based digital business processes to everyone. They are professionals with years of experience. They help startups to become commercially successful and they can take established companies to the next level with their unique skill set. They are experts in expanding growth, connecting business and shaping products.

They have had many successful projects from global enterprises to entrepreneurial startups.

Good value for money and reacts to our questions and concerns well. I feel that I have some time to spare so I can focus on other aspects of the company.

Accountant Online proudly showcases Maxflow Consulting Limited as our client and we hope their story inspires you to take your business to the next step of setting up a Limited Company in Ireland.

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