iCharacter is owned by Agnes and Salem de Bezenac. They make books, music, and videos for children that focus on character-building topics. Their books are available on Amazon, iBookstore, and Google Play.

Agnes and Salem live in France and are parents to two children. Agnes is a teacher and Salem is a music producer. They are both very passionate about encouraging good values and morals and they’re always looking out for kid’s books, games, and music that align with their ethos.

iCharacter Products

iCharacter create products based on both values and biblical stories

Values products

  • Storybooks, such as 'Tiny Thoughts on Sharing' and 'Tiny Thoughts on Teamwork'
  • Colouring books, such as the 'Be Happy Rhyme Colouring Book'
  • Games and Activity sets
  • Posters
  • Lullaby albums
  • Videos for children, such as 'Freddie’s Friendly Farm'

Biblical products

  • Storybooks, such as 'My Bible ABCs'
  • Journals, such as the 'My Friends Journal' and the 'Joy Prayer Journal'
  • Videos for children, such as 'The Lords Prayer (song video)'
  • Albums, such as 'Sunday School Songs'
  • Colouring books, such as the 'Psalm 100-Colouring and Activity Book'
  • Games, such as the 'Children of the Bible Card Games'

iCharacter also runs a blog aimed at children called ‘Pretty Joys’. They cover topics such as school, making friends, and hobbies like apple and berry picking and baking.

Building a company based on your values

Agnes and Salem have both described their first-hand experience with negative effects caused by the lack of values in society. They want to help instill good values in children. They try to create fun and enjoyable ways to do this that don’t follow a typical lesson format.

Both Agnes and Salem work hard to implement and stick to their key values. In turn, these personal views have helped shape their company values. The key goals for making their products are to create fun, positive examples for children. They use engaging, relatable characters, and their stories are consistent with a Christian worldview. They focus on practical solutions and being original in all of their creations.

Agnes and Salem do not take a salary. If you would like to support their vision you can make a one-time donation or a regular donation.

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