Meet Declan McConnelllogue And Sue Cruse

The Haven Smokehouse is run by Declan McConnelllogue and Sue Cruse. They produce unique turf – smoked, organic salmon. The Haven Smokehouse is located on the shores of the Sheephaven Bay, Donegal. They produce a bespoke cold-smoked salmon using fresh organic salmon, from the North Atlantic. They have a unique flavour which is a mix of 10,000-year-old turf and beechwood.

Declan is the master smoker. He does not use salt to cure the salmon he uses smoke. They source the salmon from a bio-suisse approved organic farm. Within hours of the salmon being harvested they personally collect it. They treat every salmon with the respect, carefully honouring the finest Irish traditions. All of the turf smoked salmon comes as a fillet, which is ready to be sliced and eaten.

Getting Started

“When I started on this journey, I only knew one thing – I had to do it! There was a picture in my mind, of what the ultimate smoked salmon should look and taste like. We knew we had a great product but we also knew it was important to figure out the other aspects and be set up correctly. We needed to develop a strategy going ahead. We encountered of course challenges like every business starting out but overall it was fine. We did know that we needed to find an accountant because it’s an area neither of us were familiar with.”

“We found out about Accountant Online because of Declan. He had heard Larissa speak at a course at Letterkenny Enterprise board. When we were looking for an accountant we had certain requirements. We were looking for efficient, honest professionals who were highly respected and knowledgeable. When we looked at Accountant Online they matched what we were looking for.”

“We find Accountant Online to be professional, trustworthy, friendly, approachable, excellent at what they do.”

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