Introducing Clockwork Satellite

John Wigzell is the Director of Clockwork Satellite, a design and technology studio based in Ireland and the UK. They have many years of experience in the design sector. Their focus is on helping their clients create and publish, both in print and on-screen.

They provide website development and design, print design, ebook production for e-reader devices, apps, and creative and technical skills training. They specialise in email design, email marketing strategy, and creating well-structured campaigns. They’re the only agency with a presence in Ireland listed in Mailchimp’s Experts Directory.

They offer affordable creative software training, which is led by an experienced Adobe Certified Instructor. The training courses available are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

These workshops are ideal for college leavers, young entrepreneurs, and career changers with an interest in marketing, design, and visual communication. They provide a more comprehensive understanding of the tools of the trade. Group sizes are kept small which helps make sure that every member gets a deeper understanding of the course.

Creating engaging marketing materials

Clockwork Satellite will work with you to create beautiful, engaging marketing campaigns with marketing materials such as email newsletters. They will work to make sure these materials match the style and quality of your other online and print activities and fit in with your overall brand. Their email templates are tailored to your personal requirements and tested to ensure they look good across a range of devices and apps.
As well as template design, their training can help you get the most out of your email campaigns. They can help you with:

  • Setting-up and managing lists
  • Interpreting reports and analytics
  • Writing, copy-editing and proofreading
  • Planning and producing newsletters and marketing campaigns
  • Integrating email services with your website and business software

Finding clarity and security from the start

“Accountant Online’s website is a fantastic source of information. The website had a vast amount of relevant material that we wanted to know more about. There was also lots of information about the services they were offering. Their packaged services are well-priced and tailored for Startups and online businesses. It was clear to us what everything meant and what would be entailed going forward. This directly impacted our decision to use Accountant Online. ”

“It was simple to understand how much the services would be and what would be involved. The information and services they provided have been essential in getting our business up and running in Ireland. It gave us clarity regarding what exactly would be involved. It gave us the security that our business was set up correctly in Ireland from the start.”

Accountant Online proudly showcases Clockwork Satellite as our client and we hope their story inspires you to take your business to the next step of setting up a Limited Company in Ireland.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up in Ireland, please reach out to our Client Services team or email us at