A company for inventions and innovation

Peter Dobbyn is the owner and creator of Advanced Plasma Tech Limited. He has over 25 years of experience and specialist knowledge of plasma processing and surface engineering technologies. He has worked with UCD and has strong ties there. Advanced Plasma Tech Limited is a leading supplier of innovative plasma treatment solutions suited to a wide range of industrial applications.

Peter has invented several new innovative applications. He has created Particle and Powder Research which is a patented plasma activation and deposition technology to enhance the surface of granules, particles, and powder. He also created Plasma Jet Systems which is a custom manufacturer of atmospheric pressure plasma jet systems for adhesion, printing, and coating.

Changing from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company

Similar to other Startups and small businesses in Ireland, Peter started out as a Sole Trader. Once he started creating new, innovative products, he began to think about incorporating his business into a Limited Company.

Peter’s inventions started to get patented and he wanted to be in a better position for grants and investment opportunities.

Setting up a Limited Company in Ireland and can be challenging. Peter knows firsthand the difficulty of trying to learn how to manage a business and run one at the same time.

Feeling like you’re on a constant learning journey can be difficult and feel overwhelming and lonely at times. There can be many different tasks to deal with and it can feel isolating trying to do everything alone.

Getting help for company obligations outside your scope and knowledge

Peter knew he needed an accountant once he set up a Limited Company. There are different accountancy and compliance requirements that you may need help with. Having an accountant you can trust means your company can stay on top of its requirements with the CRO and Revenue.

Before choosing Accountant Online, Peter researched different cloud-based technology systems. Due to the nature of his business, he knew that working with a digital-focused firm would be the most helpful for his company.

Advanced Plasma Tech Limited has sold machinery and applications to DIT, UCD and Sheffield University. The company has associations with UCD, Nova UCD, Irish Micro Mouldings LTD, and Dave Barry Plastics.

Accountant Online proudly showcases Adscribe Ireland as our client and we hope their story inspires you to take your business to the next step of setting up a Limited Company in Ireland.

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