Donal O’Connor is the founder and Director of Adscribe Ireland Limited. They are a software development company that focuses on measuring, managing and monetizing consumer viewing for TV operators. This includes providing an analytics platform for broadcasters and operators to better understand their customers.

The genesis of Adscribe Ireland started when Donal was in his previous job. He saw an opportunity to use new technology and to approach the industry in a different way. His industry experience gave him the confidence to go out on his own.

Adscribe Ireland started in 2019 and they are growing every month so it’s a very exciting time for the company.

Why start a company?

Starting a business on your own can be nerve-wracking but Donal points out that there is excitement as well. “A good mix of emotions,” says Donal.

His advice is to give yourself room to actually throw yourself into your new business. This includes giving yourself undivided time to focus on developing your products and services.

Through this dedication, the last 6 months have exceeded Donal’s expectations for the business. He said, “the last 6 months have gone even better than I thought it would”.

Although there is a lot of responsibility that comes from owning your own company, including people to worry about and look after, Donal expresses how great the challenge has been.

Growing the team and creating jobs

Adscribe Ireland recently secured a big customer in the US that has kept them very busy. He recalls how “this gave us the financial ability to grow the team and not to worry about paying the bills. We can concentrate on building the product.”

In any new company, securing a big client gives you motivation and confidence in your decision to create a business in the first place. This new client means Adscribe Ireland can create more jobs in Ireland and grow his company.

The responsibilities that come with running a company

Donal has the viewpoint that he doesn’t want to make mistakes in areas he doesn’t know much about. This is why he outsources his accounting requirements.

“I always knew accounting services was something I needed to get right from the start”

Professional services are important in new businesses because they help you avoid costly mistakes. They give you confidence that everything is in order and offer advice to help you along the Startup journey.

He was always told to look after all aspects of business and take whatever advice you need to get there.

Donal’s advice for new businesses is:

Make sure all the books are in order, it’s very important.

How to find an accountant?

When looking for an accountant, Donal says “cost is always one factor. But an accountant’s experience is important.”

“Being in a Tech Startup, you look for someone who is up to speed with the latest technology and proactive about being online as much as possible.”

The information on the website helped Donal with his decision to choose Accountant Online as his accountant.

Running a business and managing the accounting requirements is a learning experience. He is still getting used to Irish tax returns and the processes involved with filing obligations to the Irish Revenue Commissioner.

He feels his accountants, Tamar and Leanne, give him a lot of information so he can build up his knowledge to make the financial side of the business easier as it grows.

Accountant Online proudly showcases Adscribe Ireland as our client and we hope their story inspires you to take your business to the next step of setting up a Limited Company in Ireland.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up in Ireland, call our Client Services Team on +353 (0) 1905 9364 or email

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