Accountancy Advice For Limited Companies

We have an amazing startup offer for newly limited companies, Accountant Online can be your company accountant for just €25 per month + VAT. The offer is paid in advance for 6 months. Once the 6 months is over, we reassess your business and adapt the price to suit your business needs.

We know all too well how expensive it can be to get a business off the ground. In Ireland, you could be paying anywhere between €1,000 – €2,000 annually for an accountant. That’s why our startup offer is unbeatable. We want to give your startup affordable, fixed fees that you pay once.

What Is The Offer?

This startup offer has everything you need for your newly incorporated business.  You can contact us whenever you like with any question, big or small. The offer includes:

Who Can Register For This Offer?

This startup offer is available to newly incorporated limited companies and is available for the first 6 months of incorporation.

If your company has not yet been incorporated, have a look at our company formation package. If you are still unsure about which structure to choose for your company, read about the pros and cons of a sole trader or a limited company.

Below we will go into more detail on this startup offer, answering any questions you may have surrounding it.

Accountant Online's exclusive offer for newly limited companies
Accountant Online’s exclusive offer for new limited companies


What Does The Startup Offer for Newly Limited Companies Include?

This package provides so much more than just your payroll and tax returns. It offers a comprehensive range of accounting services for new limited companies as follows:

First Annual Return (a B1 form)

Annual return demands can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We will file your B1 form with the Companies Registration Office. This is due within 6 months of incorporation. If your annual return deadline is looming, don’t worry, we can take care of it.

VAT Returns

Once you are registered for VAT in Ireland, we will apply for your VAT returns. We can do the VAT registration for you if you are not registered yet. Don’t know how to register for VAT? We have a blog post all about how you register for VAT in Ireland, check it out.

Payroll For Up To 5 Employees

If you wish to draw a salary within the first 6 months of your incorporation, we can set you up for payroll for up to 5 employees. This can be a weekly or monthly payroll depending on your preference.

This may not be a service you need to avail of just yet. However, we can give you advice on it, and set it up whenever you are ready.

Unlimited Calls And Messages To Your Accounting Team

Once the onboarding is complete, we set up an introductory call with your own personal accountant. This call will help you and your accountant understand what your needs and wants are for the 6 month period.

Once this call is completed, your accountant is available for unlimited calls and messages to answer any queries you may have and to give you guidance and advice on your business.

What do you need to know about accounting and legal compliance for your new company? Your professional chartered accountant can answer all of your questions specific to your business.

Software Packages

Going online with your accounts is definitely a direction more and more businesses are going in. This is because they are easy to use and more accessible when you are on the go.

Will advise you on the best software package to suit your business and meet your needs. If you have a preference for a particular software package we can use whatever system you would like to work with.

Bank Services For Startups

We can advise you on the best business bank account for your limited company. By opening a separate bank account for your business so you can keep all your personal banking separate from your business banking. We also give you guidance on how to minimise your banking fees.

Call or message your accountant with any questions
Call or message your accountant with any questions

What Happens After The 6 Months?

In month 6 or anytime prior to the 6th month we can give you a quote for the services that you may wish to avail of after the 6 month period is over. When you are happy to, will give you a call to discuss the next steps.

We see this 6 month period as an opportunity to build a lasting, productive relationship with you and your business. Once the 6 months is over we will look at what your needs are at the time and tailor our prices to suit those needs.

After your first B1 form is filed, limited companies need to file all payments and returns with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and be aware of your statutory annual return date. You can check your annual return date on the CRO’s company search facility. You also need to file your company director’s tax return (form 11) and your corporation tax return. As a client of Accountant Online, we will take care of all of this for you.

You may decide that you need to avail of more of our services, or perhaps you just want us to keep you tax compliant throughout the year. Whatever you decide, we will always be on hand to give you real-time advice about your business.

Using Accountant Online on the go
Using Accountant Online on the go

Why Choose Accountant Online?

There are many choices for limited companies out there, so why choose us? Our fees are incredibly affordable. We specialise in startups, and we know exactly what is needed to suit your specific business needs.

Our team will guide you through the early stages of your new limited company. Our chartered accountants are always there to answer your questions and give our expert advice, tailored to your business.

A great accountant can play a pivotal role in your business success. We offer quality support so you don’t have to worry about doing it alone. You can focus on generating sustainable growth for your business, while we take care of the details.

We are a group of dedicated, chartered accountants, who are focused on bringing the best service to our customers and being as accessible as possible. All of our communication is carried out on the phone, email or Skype, so you can talk to us at a time that suits you.

As a business owner, you are always multi-tasking. You are ultimately in charge of sales, marketing, PR, and much more. With this offer, we can take care of time-consuming tasks, giving you peace of mind that an expert is taking care of the details.

In addition, it saves you much needed time and energy helping your business survive and grow through our accounting expertise. Our startup offer is the affordable, smart choice for your new company.

Not ready just yet to take that step?

If you are still thinking about it, you can give us a call on 1890 100 200 or send us an email to, we are always happy to give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Monthly Webinars

Are you a business owner who is looking for informative, valuable advice on how to achieve your startup goals? Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur with an idea and you need an extra push in the right direction?

Join the conversation and find answers to your questions. Accountant Online’s chartered accountant Jennifer Harrison will be offering valuable advice and guidance for startups during the early development stages of their business.

From the feedback we have received from members in the past, these webinars really gave them a push in the right direction, and motivated them to achieve their startup goal.

 Find out more about our upcoming webinar here.

Chartered Accountant Jennifer Harrison
Chartered Accountant Jennifer Harrison
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