Do you need both a Registered Address and a Business Address in Dublin City? Purchase our Virtual Office in Dublin.

Let Accountant Online look after your company’s post in an efficient, secure and trustworthy manner. Our team of experts makes sure your post is scanned and sent to you on the same day. So you can be sure your company’s mail will always be opened and stored for you.

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Virtual Office Service €249+VAT per year

Our Virtual Office Address Service Includes:

  • Use of our Dublin address, 8-9 Marino Mart, Dublin 3 as the Registered Office address for your company. This means we act as your Registered Office with the CRO
  • Use of our Dublin address as your Business Address. Your post such as Revenue letters, Bank statements or invoices can be sent to this address.
  • We hold your company registers and we are named on your company incorporation documents as the Registered Office for your business
  • Receipt of post and couriers
  • Same-day scanning and forwarding of the post to your email address
  • We have a team of real people who will look after your postage needs and can be your point of contact for your post. Want your post physically forwarded to you? This will incur the cost of postage from An Post and there are no further administration charges.

Price Of Virtual Address In Ireland

Our Virtual Office Address Dublin is on special offer for a limited time at the very low price of €249. It is billed annually in advance and renewed each year. (Please note that if your Irish Limited Company has more than one business name registered with it, we charge an additional fee per business name).

So if you need an address in Dublin – avail of our Virtual Office service today.

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Virtual Office Service combines Registered Office and Business Address facilities in Dublin

What Is The Difference Between A Business Address and A Registered Office Address?

A Registered Office is a legal requirement for all Limited Companies in Ireland. It is where all formal Companies Registration Office (CRO) letters and legal notices addressed to your company are sent. It needs to be a physical location in Ireland and not a P.O box. When you incorporate your new company in Ireland, the CRO will ask you for the Registered Address. If you are a sole trader, you do not need a Registered Address.

You also need a Business Address when you set up your business. For new online companies who don’t have a physical place of trading, or if you haven’t yet established your office in Ireland, we provide a Business Address service for clients. Sole Traders and Limited Companies need to have a Business address.

Accountant Online offers these services and can provide you with a Virtual Office in Dublin City today.

Business Address + Registered Address = Virtual Office

As part of our service to clients forming a new company in Ireland, we offer a special Virtual Office Service in Dublin 3 which you can use for both your Registered Address and your Business Address.

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Why Would I Need This Service?

Here at Accountant Online, we understand that Startups may not have everything figured out yet. You may not have a permanent office space or a suitable address of your own to use for your Irish Limited Company.

During the process of incorporation, you will be asked for your company’s Registered Address and Business Address. Our unique Virtual Office Dublin allows you to use our Dublin address as your company address. So don’t worry about company post getting mixed up with personal or somebody misplacing your company letters. We will open and scan your emails to you daily.

You may not want to have your personal address on marketing campaigns or on your company website. Outsource your company address to a professional service.

Why Choose Accountant Online For Your Virtual Office?

We are Company Formation Specialists and Chartered Accountants, dedicated to helping startups get the best information and support for their new business. In addition to providing Business Address, Registered Office and Virtual Office services, we also offer unique startup accountancy services which cost just €49 per month for the first 6 months of business. Accountant Online is the one-stop-shop for your new business.

We are a full-service online accountancy firm that can ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines or returns. We also host free monthly webinars for startups wishing to learn about the compliance and accounting requirements for their new company. Take a look at the 20-step checklist which outlines the general steps involved in setting up a Limited Company in Ireland.

How Do I Buy This Product?

There are two ways you can get a Virtual Office in Dublin.

1. New Company Formation Package

Purchase our Virtual Office Dublin as part of our New Company Formation package.  We offer company registration services and a range of other new company formation products that you may need on your startup journey. Pick the services you need and let us do the rest.

2. Virtual Office

Accountant Online will happily be your Virtual Address in Dublin. All you have to do is select the Virtual Office option in our new company formation package. We will draw up all the necessary paperwork to change your address with the CRO so you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is provide us the details of your company and verifed proof of address and ID.

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