Company Secretarial Services

When you are setting up a company in Ireland it is a legal requirement to have a company secretary.

Company Secretary Role

The role of the company secretary is to ensure that the company complies with all the relevant laws and regulations. This means that all limited companies in Ireland are required to file returns and other documents with the Companies Registration Office within strictly set out timelines or otherwise they risk fines and penalties.

Appointing A Company Secretary Specialist

In the course of running your business, you can easily miss these deadlines and reporting requirements. For this reason, business owners and directors often appoint a specialist firm to ensure that the filing requirements and duties are met. It brings peace of mind to know that these compliance issues are dealt with by specialists.

Does A Company Secretary Require Any Qualifications?

The company directors are responsible for appointing the company secretary. In addition, they must make sure the company secretary is skilled and qualified enough to fulfil the functions of the job properly. You can fill the role by appointing a specific person or you can outsource all of the functions to outside agents, such as Accountant Online. Even if you appoint someone to the role, you can still outsource some of the duties to us too.

Accountant Online Annual Company Secretarial and Compliance Service


Filing of the Annual Return and Accounts with the Companies Registration Office.

  • The CRO require an the Annual Return (B1) within 6 months of incorporation. Consequently, there is no requirement for financial information at this stage. This is attached to the 2nd Annual Return, due 18 months after incorporation.

Filing changes such as:

  • Changes in directors
  • Increase in share capital
  • Changes to Shareholders
  • Maintaining and updating the seven statutory registers
  • Changes to address
  • In general, ensuring that the company complies with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. For example, that the company meets tax and company law obligations
  • Ongoing Company Secretarial advice

Benefits Of Using Our Company Secretarial Service

Meet All Your Compliance Obligations

Our professionals will make sure your company complies with all the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Avoid Penalties

Penalties for failing to file your Annual Returns on time include fines and having your accounts audited for 2 years. This is both costly and unnecessary.  There are also more serious penalties for breaching your Company Law obligations. You could face prosecution by the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE)

Our team of Chartered and Certified professionals includes ICSA Chartered Secretaries. We have the skills and experience you need to  keep you compliant and make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

Fixed Fees

We offer total transparency in our fees and pricing structure. This allows you to better budget and plan for your company secretarial costs each year.


Your needs can change over time and our service will adapt to your needs. The affordable Company Secretarial and Compliance Service is usually sufficient for most small businesses. As you grow in size and complexity, there may be additional requirements. Below is a list of additional services and prices associated depending on your needs.

Freedom to focus on growing your business

If you are setting up a company, you are probably a specialist in your own field but lack the time and expertise to take care of compliance issues. We specialise in new business startups and have helped hundreds of companies through the process.  So we understand all too well what getting your new business off the ground involves. We will take care of your company secretary services, so you have more time to manage and grow your business.

Choose a company secretary to meet all company law requirements
Meet company law requirements-choose a company secretary

How Much Does the Annual Company Secretarial and Compliance Service Cost?

This is a fixed price service of €299 plus VAT and is paid annually. It includes all of the essential requirements you need to take care of in order to keep your company compliant with regulations. You can purchase our Company Secretarial and Compliance Service online using our secure server.

Company Secretarial and Compliance Service is usually purchased at the same time as Company Formation, as new directors are concerned about the duties and obligations associated with being a director of a limited company.

Additional Company Secretarial Services

The company secretary service covers the essential issues that most directors of limited companies should be concerned about. This is the most cost effective way of taking care of your company secretarial obligations. You may also purchase additional services on a once- off basis when you require these and these are listed below along with the associated fee.

Company Formation

Purchase online €249 + VAT

Provision of a Registered Office

Purchase online  €199+ VAT

Provision of a Business Address and Mail Forwarding

Purchase online €199+ VAT

Provision of Bond for Non EEA Directors

€1950 (no VAT applies)

Provision of a Company Seal.

Purchase online €49+ VAT

Register a business name

€59+ VAT

Filing of form B1x- Voluntary revision of financial statements

€59+ VAT

Filing change of Registered Office

€59+ VAT

Increase in authorised share capital,  all filed with CRO requires a special resolution and a Form B4

€219+ VAT

Allotment of ordinary/preference shares for up to 15 new shareholders. File a form B5 and create minutes and update register of members

€219+ VAT

Transfer of ordinary shares

€179+ VAT

Provision of an AGM pack

Draft Minutes of AGM, notice to shareholders, directors meeting approving the accounts €179+ VAT

Resolution for single members to dispense with the requirement not to hold an AGM

€99+ VAT

Appointment and resignation of Directors including draft minutes

€99+ VAT

Change of Annual Return Date

€99+ VAT

Change of Financial Year end date

€99+ VAT

Change of Company Name

€259+ VAT

Alteration of the Constitution

€215 + VAT

Company Restoration

i.e. if your company has been struck off.  We will implement the correct procedures with the Companies Office and Revenue Commissioners to restore it. It may be over 12 months since your Company was struck off. In this case, we will put into place the necessary Courts procedure to restore it.

Contact us for a quotation.

Voluntary Strike Off €350 + VAT
  • Make sure all Annual Returns and Accounts are up to date
  • Draft Directors statement that the company has ceased trading or has never traded
  • Draft minutes of Board Meeting for Directors and Shareholders consent to the dissolution of the company
  • Send Letter to Revenue requesting letter of no objection
  • Put Advertisement in Irish National Daily Newspaper
  • Preparation and filing of form H15 with the Companies Registration Office
  • Once the above is taken care of, it takes approximately 3 months for the company to be struck-off the register. We will of course notify you as soon as the company has been struck-off.

Finally, If you need more information, contact us on 01 905 9364 and we will help you through the decision-making process. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.