Do You Need A Business Address In Dublin Address?

If you’re currently looking to set up a limited company online, then you are probably looking for a virtual office in Ireland too. We can help. Not every new business has its own business address, for a range of reasons.

  • You could be running an online business
  • Your team may work remotely in Ireland or abroad
  • You might be at a very early stage of your business and not ready to decide where you want to base your business
  • You work from your kitchen table and would prefer to work from home in the long term too.

Why You Might Need A Business Address In Ireland

There are many advantages to having a Business Address, which include the following:

  • Tax Registration: When you register for tax, the Revenue Commissioners will ask for a Business Address to be supplied on your application form. This applies whether you are a resident company, a non-resident company or a sole trader.
  • Correspondence: All your commercial business mail can be sent to and from this address
  • Privacy: You can protect the privacy of your home address, particularly now we are in the era of Google Maps, where a home address and premises can be found in just a few clicks. You may not wish your potential new clients to find that you are operating out of your kitchen!
  • Access to an office space: You might not need an office on a day to day basis but it’s useful to have occasional access to an office premises for meetings with directors or clients

Two things to note, however:

Firstly, there is a range of specific requirements requested by Revenue which your company must meet in order to qualify for corporation tax in Ireland. simply having a business address in Ireland does not mean your company will automatically be eligible for the 12.5% rate of Corporation Tax.

Secondly, by law, every company in Ireland must have a registered office address. All legal notices and correspondence with the Companies Registration Office are sent to this address. It’s also where you keep your statutory registers and records, such as the register of directors and minute books. These documents must be available for inspection by the CRO or Revenue.

What Is The Difference Between A Registered Office Address And Business Address?

Think of your Business Address as being the same as a Trading Address, the definition being that this is where you trade from. Revenue are interested in knowing where you are conducting your business from and so they ask you for your Business Address.

A registered address is where the CRO will send all of your company secretarial notices. Please take note that you can use the same address for both registered address and business address.

Does An Online Business Require A Physical Address?

The simple answer is yes. If you are carrying your business out online and do not have a physical premises, you may wish to use the services of a virtual office provider such as Accountant Online in order to take receipt of commercial business post or notices from Revenue.

Our Business Address Service Includes:

  • A Republic of Ireland address for your business.
  • Use of our office in Dublin City: you can book this office space on a quarterly basis for example for your board of directors’ meetings.
  • Secure address: Retain the privacy of your home address
  • Secure receipt and forwarding of mail
  • Virtual Office: No costly rent or overheads

Benefits of using our Business Address Service

1. Avoid all overheads of owning a physical office in Ireland

Office space is expensive for new startup businesses who may be bootstrapping. It is also extremely hard to find in the current shortage of accommodation, particularly in our cities. The location of our business address is Dublin and is perfect for anybody who wants to keep their home address private. Having a business address in such a central location can create a professional image. This will help new startups to come across as better established in their early stages.

2. Secure mail forwarding

Accountant Online provides a very efficient mail forwarding service. We open and check your mail every day and forward it daily too. Our team of Chartered and Certified professionals has the skills and expertise to know when something needs urgent attention. If it’s urgent, we will scan and email the letter straight away so that you can take immediate action.

3. Quarterly access to a meeting room for you to hold Board Meetings

To save you money on rental costs for board meetings, we offer quarterly access to one of our corporate meeting rooms. This is particularly useful if your directors situate themselves remotely or away from Ireland and you need a central location for meetings.

Other ways we can help

The supply and servicing of a business address is just one of the many services we provide to new businesses in Ireland. Find out more about other new company formation services in the why set up a limited company in Ireland guide.

How To Get A Business Address In Dublin

Purchase instantly with Accountant Online. We process your order the same day.

Finally, if you’d like to talk to us about a business address, email us at or call us on IRE 01 905 9364 or UK 028 71337777. You can find us TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn too.