What’s Included?

Live Startup Masterclass Webinar: How To Pay Yourself

Free for clients of Accountant Online. Find out about the difference between a salary and dividends, how you can pay yourself, what director returns are and pension arrangements.



Free for clients of Accountant Online.

How do I join this event?

Our Live Startup Masterclass Webinar series is designed for early-stage Limited Companies who are looking for tips on how to run their company in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Many entrepreneurs do not want to take a salary in the first few months of their Startup, but what happens when you decide you do want to take a salary? Whether you take a salary from the beginning of your startup or later on, it’s important to note what is involved in taking a salary as a Director of a company.

What you will learn:

  1. If I am a company Director, what are my options to pay myself?
  2. How can I pay myself a salary?
  3. How often can I pay myself a salary?
  4. As a Director, can I contribute to pension arrangements?
  5. Can I receive a salary if I am a non-resident director?
  6. What are the dividends?
  7. If I take a dividend, will I be taxed?
  8. Salary or dividends?

What’s next?

After you purchase you will be immediately sent instructions on how to register for the live webinar. After registration, you simply mark the date down on your calendar and join us on the day!