Are you looking for an accountant for your new Startup company?

We have a unique Startup Offer for accountancy services for new Limited Companies.

Avail of this offer for just €49 + VAT a month for the first 6 months from incorporation. This offer is paid in advance for 6 months.

Here at Accountant Online, we specialise in Startups. We know too well how expensive and time consuming it can be to get a business off the ground. In Ireland, accountancy fees can range anywhere from €1,000 – €3,000 annually.

That’s why we created this Startup Offer –  to help you get your business set up right from the start while also keeping costs low!

Our Startup Offer includes - Accountancy & Tax Support

  • Corporation Tax Registration

    A Limited Company will have to register for Corporation Tax before starting to trade. We will apply for this on your behalf and assist you with any questions from Revenue.

  • VAT Registration

    Your Startup is required to register for VAT when your annual turnover reaches the VAT threshold. The threshold is €37,500 for services and €75,000 for goods. In order to register you will need to show evidence of trade in Ireland. We will advise you as to when to register and liaise with Revenue on your behalf during the application process.

  • PAYE Registration

    If you are going to take on staff or pay yourself a salary you need to register your new limited company as an employer. We will take care of your PAYE registration for you.

  • VAT Filing

    Once we register your Startup for VAT in Ireland, we will prepare and file your VAT returns for you. Not sure whether to register for VAT? You can discuss this with our accountant.

  • Payroll For Up To 5 Employees

    If you wish to draw a salary within the first 6 months of your incorporation, we can take care of your salary for you. We will issue your employees with a payslip every month. We also look after the monthly summaries which need to be reported to Revenue.

  • First Annual Return (B1 Form)

    Annual Return demands can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We will file your B1 form with the Companies Registration Office. This is due within 6 months of incorporation. If your annual return deadline is looming, don’t worry, we will take care of it.

Also included - Financial Advice & Guidance

  • Unlimited Calls And Messages To Your Accounting Team
  • Two One-To-One Scheduled Consultations With Your Accountant
  • Exclusive Access To 6 Free, Live Webinars On Topics Such As HR, Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Safe, Secure Online Document Upload
  • Software Advice
  • Economics Operators' Registration & Identification (EORI) Registration

Free online accountancy software

For a limited period, our Startup Offer includes a FREE accountancy software subscription for Surf Accounts. The Surf Enterprise Package is worth €360 annually.

Why are we offering all of these services for just €49 + VAT per month?

As a Startup business, you may not know what kind of accountancy services you actually require. You may also not need all of the services listed above. Nevertheless, we have provided a wide range of services in this offer to cater for all Startups at a very competitive rate.

We strive to give your Startup affordable, fixed fees to minimise your Startup cost. Our aim is to provide you with the correct advise & guidance your Startup deserves from the beginning.

Why do I need an accountant now?

  • Stay Compliant & Avoid Unnecessary Costs

    Due to lack of awareness or shortage of resources, many startups focus only on core activities and ignore accounting and related compliance requirements. Too often Startups unknowingly neglect compliance, incurring penalties & unnecessary costs.

  • Credibility

    Our accountants will bring credibility to a Startup. They speak the language of business, the same language financers & investors use. If you are applying for a bank loan or seeking investors you will bring credibility and confidence to the table if your accountant has prepared required financial statements.

  • Plan For The Future

    Our accountants will help you understand your financial performance & position of your business, allowing you to plan for the future.

  • Save Time & Money

    Our accountants will help you identify and establish an accounting system that will save you money and time, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Why choose Accountant Online as your Company Accountant?

  • Affordable & Fixed Fees
  • Expert Guidance
  • Ongoing Support
  • All Communication Is Done Online Or Over The Phone
  • Confidence That Your Corporate Deadlines Are Met
  • Trustworthy & Helpful Team

How do we help you?

  1. Affordable – You can take your pick of accountants for Limited Companies out there, so why choose Accountant Online? Our fees are incredibly affordable. We specialise in Startups and we know exactly what is needed to suit your specific business needs.
  2. Highly Responsive – Our team will guide you through the early stages of your new Limited Company. Our accountants are always there to answer your questions and give our expert advice, tailored to your business.
  3. Quality – A great accountant can play a pivotal role in your business success. We offer quality support so you don’t have to worry about doing it alone. You can focus on generating sustainable growth for your business, while we take care of the details.
  4. Easily Accessible – We are a group of dedicated, chartered accountants, who are focused on bringing the best service to our customers and being as accessible as possible. All of our communication is carried out on the phone, email or Skype, so you can talk to us at a time that suits you.
  5. Peace Of Mind – As a business owner, you are always multi-tasking. You are ultimately in charge of sales, marketing, PR, and much more. With this offer, we can take care of time-consuming tasks, giving you peace of mind that an expert is taking care of the details.
  6. Time-Savers – In addition, it saves you much needed time and energy helping your business survive and grow through our accounting expertise. Our Startup Offer is an affordable, smart choice for your new company.

What happens once you become a client of Accountant Online?

Once you become a client of Accountant Online, we set up an introductory call with your own personal Account Manager. This call will help you and your Account Manager understand what your needs and wants are for the 6-month period.

Once this call is completed, your Account Manager is available for calls and emails to answer any queries you may have and to give you guidance and advice for those crucial first months from incorporation.

In addition to your Account Manager, you will have a dedicated Accountant. However, your Account Manager will always be your point of contact for any questions you have.

What happens after the Startup Offer has ended?

We see this 6 month period as an opportunity to build a lasting, productive relationship with you and your business. Once the 6 months is over we will look at what your needs are at the time and tailor our prices to suit those needs.

During the 6th and final month, we will give you a quote for accountancy services that you may wish to avail of following the Startup Offer. When you are happy to, we will give you a call to discuss the next steps.

We will also give you an indicative quote for accountancy services to give you an idea of your accountancy costs following the Startup Offer. This transparency will help you plan for the future and give you peace of mind that you will know approximately how much accountancy services will cost going forward.

You may decide that you need to avail of more of our services, or perhaps you just want us to keep you tax compliant throughout the year. Whatever you decide, we will always be on hand to give you real-time advice about your business.

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