Are you looking for a Startup accountant that has experience with Startups and SME’s in Ireland? Do you need business advice and guidance as well as accounting and compliance support?

Our Startup Offer for Limited Companies is for companies that are less than 18 months old and have less than €119,000 turnover.

Need a bespoke package for a higher turnover company? We’re happy to tailor our services to suit your needs!

Let us take care of your accounts

  • What's included?

    Tax applications, tax filings including Corporation Tax, monthly payroll for 1 Director, Directors tax return and Annual Return filing. Plus, free Xero premium subscription and ongoing financial advice and guidance.

  • How much?

    €169+VAT per month for 18 months. Please note there may be an alignment fee depending on how many months until your next tax filing deadline.

Accounting services for new Limited Companies

Count on us to take care of your annual compliance requirements with Revenue and the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

  • Tax applications

    We'll take care of all the necessary tax applications to Revenue so you don't have to worry. This includes Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, RCT, VAT MOSS, EORI. You accounting will ask you about your business and advise what taxes you need to register for.

  • Tax filings with Revenue

    Your accountant will look at your financial activity over the year and determine how much tax you should pay. We will take care of the appropriate tax filings such as Corporation Tax return. Please note that VAT returns are quoted separately to this offer.

  • Annual Return filing with Companies Registration Office (CRO)

    We'll look after your first and second Annual Return filing with the CRO. This includes preparing the necessary paperwork (Form B1) and your accountant will also prepare abridged financial statements, which is required for your second Annual Return.

  • One Directors Tax Return

    Directors of Irish Limited Companies are required to file Directors Returns with Revenue each year. Your first Directors Return is due in October and it outlines all the income you have earned from the company and other sources.

  • Monthly payroll for 1 Director/employee

    As a Director of a Limited Company, you may decide to pay yourself a salary. Monthly payroll for one employee is included in this offer.

  • Free premium subscription to online accounting software Xero

    Online accounting software is a cloud-based system that allows you to keep track of your cash flow and it gives you access to financial dashboards. Monotonous procedures, such as bank reconciliation, is easy on Xero and saves you time so you can focus on your business.

Proactive financial advice and guidance from our team of qualified experts

  • Ongoing financial advice about tax reliefs such as SURE and expenses you can claim to reduce your tax liability.
  • Free access to Startup Masterclasses with Chartered Accountant. Topics include: How Do I Charge VAT, Tips For Reducing Your Tax Bill and Paying Yourself From Your Irish Limited Company.
  • Free access to Business Growth Webinars with industry experts. Topics include financial grants & supports and managing a successful business in Ireland.
  • Ongoing support from your dedicated accountancy team through video conference, phone or email.

Our Startup Offer includes a free Xero software subscription

All our accounting teams are certified Xero users so we have the knowledge and training to help your business implement cloud-based accounting software.

Our Xero accountants can help you set up Xero, automate and digitise your bookkeeping, and support your business as it grows.

Get in touch to find out more

Why choose Accountant Online?

  1. Affordable – You can take your pick of accountants for Limited Companies out there, so why choose Accountant Online? Our fees are incredibly affordable. We specialise in Startups and we know exactly what is needed to suit your specific business needs.
  2. Highly Responsive – Our team will guide you through the early stages of your new Limited Company. Our accountants are always there to answer your questions and give our expert advice, tailored to your business.
  3. Quality – A great accountant can play a pivotal role in your business success. We offer quality support so you don’t have to worry about doing it alone. You can focus on generating sustainable growth for your business, while we take care of the details.
  4. Easily Accessible – We are a group of dedicated, chartered and certified accountants, who are focused on bringing the best service to our customers and being as accessible as possible. All of our communication is carried out on the phone, email or Skype/Zoom, so you can talk to us at a time that suits you.
  5. Peace Of Mind – As a business owner, you are always multi-tasking. You are ultimately in charge of sales, marketing, PR, and much more. With this offer, we can take care of time-consuming tasks, giving you peace of mind that an expert is taking care of the details.
  6. Time-Savers – In addition, it saves you much needed time and energy helping your business survive and grow through our accounting expertise. Our Startup Offer is an affordable, smart choice for your new company.

Why avail of the Startup Offer?

As a new business owner, it can be difficult to look after Revenue and CRO deadlines and manage a new company at the same time. We’re here to help new companies grow and scale their business.

This Startup Offer takes care of the financial requirements a new business faces and provides you with advice and guidance on managing a company in Ireland.

Our Startup Accountants can help you determine what expenses you can claim, how to properly invoice clients, and how to keep proper books and records. Your accountancy team is available to help you get set up correctly from the beginning.

If you’re not sure if having an accountant is the right decision, get in touch with our Client Services Team to discuss your needs.

Do you need a Startup accountant?

Accountant Online specialises in helping new businesses and SME’s with their accounting and compliance requirements.

We know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to get a business off the ground. In Ireland, accountancy fees can range anywhere from €1,500 – €3,000 annually.

That’s why we created this Startup Offer –  to help you get your business set up right from the start while also keeping costs low!

Talk to us about your company so we can determine if this package is for you! Call us on +353 (0)1 905 9364 or email We’re always happy to talk you through our services.

Why do I need an accountant early in business?

  • Helps you stay compliant and avoid unnecessary costs

    Due to lack of awareness or shortage of resources, many new business owners focus on core activities and ignore accounting and related compliance requirements. Directors can unknowingly neglect compliance and therefore incurring penalties and unnecessary costs.

  • Provides accurate financial reports

    Our accountants can bring credibility to a Startup. If you are applying for a bank loan or seeking investment, your accountant can prepare financial statements and give you advice on cash flow forecasting and management accounts.

  • Helps you plan for the future

    Our accountants will help you understand your financial performance and position of your business which allows you to plan for the future.

  • Saves you time and money

    Your accounting team is comprised of Xero Certified Users that will help you set up on Xero correctly. You'll also have access to our Online Bookkeeping Workshops that provide training on how to use its features. Doing your own bookkeeping with online software will save you the cost of outsourcing while also helping you make better business decisions through its reporting functions.

What happens once you become a client of Accountant Online?

Once you become a client of Accountant Online, we set up an introductory call with your own dedicated accounting team. This call will help you and your accountant understand what your needs and wants are for the 18-month period.

Once this call is completed, your accountancy team is available for calls and emails to answer any queries you may have and to give you guidance and advice for those crucial first months from incorporation.

What happens after the Startup Offer has ended?

This 18-month period is a great opportunity to build a lasting, productive relationship between your accountant and your business. Once the offer is over we will look at what your needs are at the time and tailor our prices to suit those needs.

We will give you a quote for accountancy services that you may wish to avail of following the Startup Offer. When you are happy to, we will give you a call to discuss the next steps.

We will also give you an indicative quote for accountancy services to give you an idea of your accountancy costs following the Startup Offer. This transparency will help you plan for the future and give you peace of mind that you will know approximately how much accountancy services will cost going forward.

You may decide that you need to avail of more of our services, or perhaps you just want us to keep you tax compliant throughout the year. Whatever you decide, we will always be on hand to give you real-time advice about your business.

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