Congratulations! You have decided on your new business name.

Now let us help you register your name online with CRO. The process is quick, easy and efficient. Accountant Online submits business names on your behalf to the Companies Registration Office in Ireland. The business name registration fee is just €89 plus VAT for online filing and includes all CRO fees.

Why register a business name?

If you are a sole trader or a limited company and you wish to trade under a different name to your own true name, you need to register this business name with the Companies Registration Office. This makes the business name public. We have some great tips on how to choose your business name.

Limited companies often use business names if the company name they want is not available or if they want to have multiple businesses within the same company. Business names allow companies to trade under a different name(s).

Who can register a business name?

When you’re a Sole Trader, your business name would be registered under your own name. When you’ve set up a Limited Company, you would register your business name under your Limited Company name.

Sole Trader

  • A Sole Trader who wishes to trade under a name that is different to their own true name, needs to register a business name.
  • For Example, Mary O'Brien can trade as Mary O'Brien or O'Brien. But if Mary wants to trade as anything other than that, she will need to register a Business Name.
  • Business names are not protected by the CRO and a Sole Trader can have any business name.
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Limited Company

  • As a Limited Company, you already have a company name.
  • But if you want to trade under a different name than your company name, your company will need to register a business name.
  • If you’re switching from Sole Trader to Limited Company and you have a business name already, you will need to de-register your business name as a Sole Trader and register it again as a Limited Company.
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The business name registration process

Information needed for registration

We collect your details in the form below along with payment of €59 + VAT. The place of the business address must be in the Republic of Ireland. Only residents of the Republic of Ireland can register as Sole Traders or Partnerships in Ireland. If you’re not sure what it takes to be a sole trader in Ireland – check out this helpful guide. We also have a one-stop checklist for registering a Limited Company in Ireland.

How long does it take?

We submit your details the same day and you will receive your documentation for signature within a few hours. Business names can take up to 3 weeks to be registered by the Companies Registration Office. Your Business Name Certificate is sent by email as a pdf document. This is a digital certificate with special security features by CRO.

What happens next?

We submit your details to the CRO and send you a signature page to sign and return to us. We then send you on your CRO digitally certified Certificate to the email address you specify. Once you have received your business name certificate, you can now trade as your new name.

How to use a business name as a Limited Company?

As a limited company, you may be interested in buying a business name so you can trade under a different name, or have multiple brands under the same company. When you purchase a business name, you will need to put your full company name on important documentation such as invoices and at the bottom of your website, etc. For example, Constructsulting Limited trading as Construction Consulting.

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