For a limited time only, Accountant Online is offering our Essential Company Registration Packages for anyone who is setting up an Irish Limited company.

Your Irish company will be legally required to have an Irish Registered Address, a Company Secretary, and a unique Company Seal, which is all covered with our essential packages.

So not only will you save 25% on your purchase with our Essential Company Packages, you know your company is compliant with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) as soon as it’s registered.

Let Accountant Online focus on your company formation so you can focus on your business!

The Essential Packages

The Essential Company Registration Package (€716+VAT) is a combination of our New Company Formation, Registered Office, Business Correspondance Address, Named Company Secretary and Company Seal Services.

Our Essential Plus Package (€829+VAT) includes our comprehensive Maintenance Company Secretary service instead of the Named Secretary service, as well as all of the other great products listed above.

With The Essential Company Registration And Accountancy Package (€1,124+VAT), you can avail of our 6 month Startup Accountancy Offer for New Limited Companies. Some of the services included in our Startup offer is VAT registration, Bi-Monthly VAT Filing, and Corporation Tax registration.


Let us get your services together.

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New Company Formation

Our company formation service will quickly and professionally register your company with the CRO. Our company registration team will be on hand to advise you on the correct way to set up your company, so you can ensure that your company is structured the exact way you want it.

This service includes:

Free Name Check: We will check your company name with the CRO to make sure it will be approved.

Important Documentation: Our team will create, and then submit, your company formation documents to the CRO. All you need is a pen and a signature!

Fast Tracked Incorporation: All our company formation documents are fast-tracked through the CRO, ensuring your company is registered quickly.

Filing Fees: There are no hidden costs as all of the CRO fees are included in the price.

Our free webinar gives advice for startups

Accounting For Startups: Startup Offer For New Limited Companies

Our unique accountancy offer for Startups costs only €49 +VAT/month. Includes tax registration and first B1 filing.

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Registered Office

Our Registered Office service ensures that your company has a secure Irish address for all your CRO correspondence.

This service includes:

Registered Office Address: The use of our Dublin 3 address as your Registered Office address with the CRO, which must be an address in Ireland and is published publicly on the CRO website.

Post Forwarding: Same day scanning and forwarding of all your important business and CRO post.

Secure Your Address: Perfect if your company is trading out of your home and you want to keep your address private.

Business Address For Your Correspondence

Our Business Correspondence Address service allows you to use our Dublin 3 address for all general business post, including correspondence with Revenue.

This address is a post forwarding service for your business and does not qualify as your trading address with Revenue.

This service includes:

Post Forwarding: Same day scanning and forwarding of your business post.

Secure Your Address: Perfect if your business is trading out of your home and you want to keep the address private.

Use Of Dublin Address For Your Business: Using our Dublin 3 address can give your business a more professional look to your future clients.

Bi-Yearly Access To A Corporate Meeting Room: We offer access twice a year access to one of our corporate meeting rooms.

Company Secretarial Services

All Irish companies are legally required to have a company secretary. If you are the only director of your company, then you will need to appoint someone else as your secretary.

You can outsource this role to Accountant Online with either our Basic ‘Named’ or the comprehensive ‘Maintenance’ package.

Our Named Company Secretarial Service includes:

Filing Of Your Annual Return: Filing (not preparation) of your first Annual Returns with the CRO 6 months after your company’s registration.

Our Maintenance Company Secretarial Service includes:

Filing Of Your Annual Return: Filing (not preparation) of your first Annual Returns with the CRO 6 months after your company’s registration.

Ongoing Advice On Company Law: Our team will ensure that your company is compliant with all relevant legislation, allowing you to focus on building your business.

Post-Registration Changes: We will file up to 300 minutes of post-registration changes with the CRO. These changes may include a change in directors, registered office, shareholders and more.

Maintaining Your Statutory Registers: We will update and maintain the statutory registers of your company.

Company Seal

Every Irish Limited company must have a company seal, the seal is used to stamp certain company documents, such as share certificates and share transfer forms, to ensure authenticity.

Once your company is incorporated, we can have your company seal delivered to an address of your choice within 2-3 working days.

How To Purchase This Offer?

Are you ready to set up your new Limited Company? You can purchase this special Company Formation package directly on our website today.

If you would like to schedule a call to go through our Company Formation products, email or call one of our client services team on or +353 19059364.

What's Next?

  1. Fill in information about your new company & complete ID verification
  2. Let us take care of the paperwork and we send you an email with the documents
  3. Print, sign and submit the paperwork

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