Setting up a company in Ireland? Need a central location for your company correspondence? Registered Office Address service for €199+VAT per year.

When setting up a company in Ireland, you are legally required to have an Irish registered office address with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). All of your company’s legal notices and correspondence from the CRO will be sent to this address.

Your company’s registered office must be a physical location, you can not use a Post Office box for the address. This is because people are entitled to visit your company’s registered office to inspect certain registrars and company documents.

This address is shown on the CRO website and available to the public. You must include this address in the forms to set up your company, but it can be changed at a later date.

What address can I use as my registered office?

Your company’s registered office can be based anywhere in Ireland. If you currently don’t have an office for your company in Ireland, you can use an authorised agent such as Accountant Online to supply you with an address.

If you are an Irish resident, it is perfectly acceptable to use your home address as your company’s registered office. As previously mentioned, these details will be publicly available on the CRO website.

Key features of our Registered Office service

  • A Dublin 2 address

    Anyone forming a new company in Ireland must be able to provide an address within the State. Having an address in Ireland's capital city can also give your business a more established and professional look.

  • Keep your home address private

    If you do not want to use your home address for your registered office, using our service ensures that your home address is not publicly available on the CRO website.

  • Correspondence is dealt with promptly and expertly

    We open, scan and forward all correspondence from the CRO to your company on the same day.

  • This service will not help you qualify for an Irish VAT or Corporation Tax number

    Revenue does not consider this address as evidence of trade in Ireland. Or that your company is centrally controlled and managed in Ireland. This is the criteria that Revenue use when they evaluate your tax registration applications.

What is the difference between a registered office and business trading address?

Your Business Address is where the day-to-day running of your company takes place, it is also known as your business trading address. If you are a Sole Trader and Limited Companies are required to have a trading address.

This is not to be confused with our business correspondence address service, which is a mail forwarding service for your business correspondence. You can use this address for all correspondence from Revenue, other businesses, and your clients.

Your company’s Registered Office is the address that the CRO sends its legal notices addressed to your company to. All Irish companies must have a registered office in Ireland. This address is publicly available on the CRO website. With the CRO, Revenue and the public have the right to visit this address.

We are currently offering a discounted Virtual Office package, which is a combination of both the services listed above.

Options for purchasing our Registered Office Address service

  • You can purchase our Registered Office Address service on our secure website for €199+VAT. After you purchase, a member of our team will be in contact with you when immediately to guide you through the entire process.
  • You can save up to 25% when you purchase a Registered Office Address with our Essential Company Registration package. these packages each include our company formation, company secretary, company seal, registered office and business address services.
  • We are currently offering our Virtual Office service for a discounted price of €249+VAT for a limited time only. This service is a combination of the registered office and business correspondence address services.

If you would like to discuss our address services, talk to our Client Services Team. Call us on +353 1 905 9364 or email

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