When setting up a company in Ireland, you need to have a registered office address. It is a legal requirement to have a registered address in the Republic of Ireland. Your company’s legal notices and correspondence with the Companies Registration Office will be sent to this address.

Sole Traders in Ireland don’t need a registered address, but they do need a business address.


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What Is A Registered Address?

Your registered address is where you keep your statutory registers and records, such as the register of directors and minute books. The Companies Registration Office (CRO) stipulates that this address must be an actual physical location – not just a PO box number. Bodies like the CRO and Revenue Commissioners have the right to inspect certain registers and documents at your registered office.

How Do I Get A Registered Address?

Purchase instantly with Accountant Online. We process your order the same day. The cost of purchasing a registered office space works out at just €16.60 + VAT per month and is paid annually in advance. Clients who purchase a registered office in Dublin with Accountant Online often also opt for our company secretarial services.

What Does Our Registered Office Address Service Include?

  • A Dublin 3 address
  • Security of your home address
  • Receipt and forwarding
  • Safe retention of company records
  • Correspondence Is Dealt With Promptly And Expertly
  • Our address services are correspondence addresses only. They do not help you get a VAT number or prove that you are trading in Ireland.

Advantages Of Using A Registered Address Service

A Dublin 3 Address

Anyone forming a new company in Ireland must be able to provide an address within the State. This is needed to comply with the legal requirements for companies in this jurisdiction. It applies to residents and non-residents alike.


A secure address which retains the privacy of your home/office address.

Safe Retention Of Statutory Registers & Records

Companies in Ireland have a legal requirement to maintain minutes of general meetings and directors’ meetings. Minute books must be kept at the registered office and be open to inspection by any member of the company. Similarly, companies must keep Statutory Registers at their registered office. These include registers of Members, Directors & Secretaries, and of Directors & Secretaries interests. We can hold such records either physically or electronically for your company if required.

Ensure Correspondence Is Dealt With Promptly And Expertly

We open your mail every day, scan and email-forward it you daily. Our team of Chartered and Certified professionals have the skills and expertise to know when something needs urgent attention. For example, if there is an urgent tax letter, then we will scan and email the correspondence so you can act on it right away. It is very important that letters regarding about your company are opened straight away. Certain letters can contain important information that requires immediate attention, such as reminders. Many of our accountancy clients choose to use our address services for their company. You can rely on us to make sure your company runs smoothly because we have the skills in-house to respond to your company’s tax and compliance matters.

Avoid Financial Penalties Or Prosecution

We will make sure that you do not miss critical deadlines – such as the date for filing your Annual Returns to the Companies Office. Did you know that if you fail to file your Annual Returns on time, you face penalties? You will receive fines up to €1,200 for late filing and must have your accounts audited for 2 years. So simply saying you didn’t get or see the mail is not seen as a valid excuse. Any document sent to your registered address is deemed by law to have been sent to the company.

Failing to be compliant with your statutory obligations could also put you in breach of Company Law, which could leave you open to prosecution by the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE).

Cross-border Expertise

Our team of Chartered and Certified Accountants are trained and experienced in both UK and Irish accounting regulations. This gives us the ability to deal with correspondence from both sets of statutory authorities. This is very useful if your business has offices in both jurisdictions – particularly as we face into the fallout from Brexit. If Brexit developments are making you think of opening an office in Ireland, our experts can guide you through the process. 


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