What is a company seal?

A company seal, also known as a common seal, is an embossing tool used to stamp certain legal documents and it provides verification that the document is approved by the company. The company’s name engraved on it and it leaves an indentation on paper when used.

Company seals are prepared by a law/legal stationers or you can purchase a seal through a company formation agent who purchases the seal on your behalf.

This guide answers your common questions about a company’s seal and its uses. If you would like Accountant Online to purchase your company seal, you can order it here or talk to our Client Services Team for more information.

When is it used?

You are usually notified when required to use one. Some general uses include:

  1. Minutes Of Meeting
  2. Share Transfers
  3. Company law
  4. Contract law
  5. Property law

Who can use the company seal?

According to the Companies Act 2014, a company’s seal can only be used “by the authority of its directors, or of a committee of its directors authorised by its directors in that behalf”.

This means that the directors must give permission before any other person uses the seal.

Each time the seal is used, it needs to be signed by a director or other authorised person and it must be countersigned by the company secretary or other authorised person.

Where do I keep my company seal?

Your company seal is usually kept in Ireland, however, if it’s regularly used outside of Ireland, you may need a separate seal with the name of the country on it.

For example, the word “Spain” should be on the seal if it’s only used in Spain. The word “France” should be on the seal if the director concludes business in France.

However, rather than having a number of company seals in different countries, the company seal is usually kept at the registered office in Ireland. This means that if a contract is completed in Spain, the seal would be sent to the director and then returned to the registered office in Ireland when the business is concluded.

Order your company seal today

If you need a company seal, you can order one through a law/legal stationers or you can purchase a seal through a company formation agent who purchases the seal on your behalf.

Order your company seal through Accountant Online today. You’ll receive your company seal within 2-3 working days.

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