If you’re currently looking to set up a Limited Company in Ireland, but you don’t have your own office space for your company quite yet. We can help by providing a Dublin correspondence address for your new company.

Think of using a Business Address service as a mail forwarding service. Your business mail, such as invoices, bank statements, and letters from Revenue can be sent to our address for your business.

Don’t worry about having your personal, residential address on your business, you can use our Dublin address as your Business Address.


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Why You Need A Business Address In Dublin

  • You are running an online business, which has no physical address and you need a central location to manage your business correspondence
  • Your team works remotely in Ireland or abroad and you don't have a main office for post yet
  • You are at a very early stage of your business and not ready to decide where you want to base your business
  • You work from your kitchen table at home and you wish to keep your home address private
  • Your online business works from a co-working space that does not allow you to use their address as a business address
  • A Business Address service does not mean your business trades at our address. It is important to note that you will still need to tell Revenue where your business is actually doing its everday business.
The company directors are responsible for appointing the company secretary.

A Virtual Office Address in Dublin For Your Company's Correspondence

Let Accountant Online look after your company’s post in an efficient, secure and trustworthy manner. Our team of experts makes sure your post is scanned and sent to you on the same day. So you can be sure your company’s mail will always be opened and stored for you.

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Our Business Correspondence Address Service Includes:

  • A Republic of Ireland address for your business.
  • Secure address: Retain the privacy of your home address.
  • Trustworthy and quick receipt and forwarding of mail.
  • No costly rent or overheads. We have fixed yearly fees.

Benefits Of Using Accountant Online’s Business Address Service

Avoid The Overheads Of Owning A Physical Office In Ireland

Office space is expensive for new Startup businesses who may be bootstrapping. It is also extremely hard to find suitable premises in the current shortage of accommodation. Particularly in our cities. Our Business Address is located Dublin and is perfect for anybody who wants to keep their home address private. Having a Business Address in such a central location can create a professional image. This will help new Startups to come across as better established in their early stages.

Secure Mail Forwarding

Accountant Online provides a very efficient mail forwarding service. We open and check your mail every day and forward it daily too. Our team of Chartered and Certified professionals has the skills and expertise to know when something needs urgent attention. If it’s urgent, we will scan and email the letter straight away so that you can take immediate action. If you’re setting up a new company and you don’t have the right skills to understand all the letters from Revenue – having your Business Correspondence Address with your accountant means that we can help you understand it.

Bi-yearly Access To A Corporate Meeting Room For You To Hold Board Meetings

To save you money on rental costs for board meetings, we offer access twice a year access to one of our corporate meeting rooms. This is particularly useful if your directors situate themselves remotely and you need a central location for meetings. This is why it is useful to have a Dublin Business Address because Ireland’s main airport is located here.

Secure Your Home Address

You can protect the privacy of your home address, particularly now we are in the era of Google Maps, where a home address and premises can be found in just a few clicks. You may not wish your potential new clients to find that you are operating out of your kitchen! Having a Dublin Business Correspondence Address means that you can instill confidence in your clients because your correspondence is being looked after in Ireland’s capital city.

Does An Online Business Require A Business Address?

The simple answer is yes. If you are carrying your business out online and do not have physical premises, you may wish to use the services of a Virtual Office Service Provider. Let Accountant Online take receipt of your commercial business post or notices from Revenue. Our address services are based in Dublin 3 and can be an attractive feature for your business to be associated with Ireland’s capital city.