On-demand Business Growth Webinar

Are you a business owner, looking for a form of employee compensation to retain key staff as your company grows? Share options allow employees to purchase company shares at a discounted price or at a specified price in the future. During this expert legal webinar, we will discuss the various share option schemes in Ireland and the rules and requirements of setting up. This is the ideal time for you to seek guidance from a legal professional and it will bring to closer to determining which scheme is best for your company and your employees.

Why Join?

  • Learn about the different types of share options in Ireland

    There are a variety of share option schemes available in Ireland, including the Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS) and the Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP). Learn if your company would benefit from offering this type of employee incentive to retain key staff.

  • Find out the steps involved with setting up employee options

    You may be wondering how to get started with share options and how to set it up. This webinar will provide you with an overview of the rules and requirements around share options so when you are ready to set one up, you have an understanding of what's needed.

  • Discover the company benefits of offering share options

    Share options is often used to attract and retain top talent, as employees have the opportunity to benefit financially. Share options can also help to align the interests of employees with those of the company and its shareholders. Employees who own shares are incentivised to work hard and contribute to the company's success.

What will be covered?

  • What are share options?

  • Overview of the rules and requirements

  • The tax implications and tax benefits of an employee option scheme

  • Live Q&A

About SeedLegals

SeedLegals is the market standard for companies raising investment, incentivising their teams with share options, and managing their cap tables. SeedLegals offer a digital platform for expert legal documentation and the essential agreements to run your business.

Meet the hosts

Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell
Country Manager - Ireland
Michael has an Honours Bachelors degree in Politics from Newcastle University. Michael has experience in several roles, including account management, business advising and consulting. He also has experience as a director in several companies.
Michael's current role is as a country manager at SeedLegals, where he helps clients understand and create the legal documentation they need to get funding for their businesses.
Rose Kervick
Rose Kervick
Director at Accountant Online
Rose is a director at Accountant Online. Rose has worked in senior leadership roles for over 20 years in both US corporates and Irish SME’s. Areas of expertise: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching, Mentorship, Online Business Management.
Rose holds a BA in English and Psychology (UCC), Masters in Management (UCD Smurfit School) and a Certificate in Company Direction (Institute of Directors).