14th of November 2019: Bookkeeping Startup Masterclass

Good bookkeeping is anything from a well-managed Excel spreadsheet to an accounting software package that is well maintained. But how do you keep good books and records?

During this masterclass, we will discuss what books and records you should keep and for how long. We will also explain how you can make sure your books are accurate.

Topics of conversation

At this webinar Chartered Accountants Tom Francis will be answering questions such as:

  • What is Bookkeeping?
  • How Long Do I Have To Keep Records For?
  • What Books and Records Should I Keep?
  • What Should My Sales Invoice Look Like?
  • How Should I Keep My Records?
  • What Should My Accounting Books and Records Look Like?
  • How Can I Make Sure My Books and Records Are Accurate?
  • What must be done when maintaining bookkeeping?
  • What if I pay a business expense personally?
  • Common pitfalls for bookkeeping

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