What Is The Startup Masterclass?

Accountant Online is offering a series of paid monthly Startup Masterclasses hosted by a chartered accountant and a member of our client services team.

During these masterclasses, you will receive expert advice that will help grow your startup.

The topics for these masterclasses include VAT, Expenses, How to Pay Yourself, Bookkeeping, Important Company Deadlines, and How To Take On Employees.

Upcoming Masterclasses:

12th of September 2019: VAT Startup Masterclass

We are often asked questions about VAT, when should I register and do I need to register from the beginning?

During this masterclass, we will answer your questions on VAT and go through the process of registering for a VAT number in Ireland.

14th of November 2019: Expenses

A large number of allowable expenses go unclaimed every year because people are don’t know what they can claim for.

During this masterclass, we will be discussing what expenses you may be entitled to, how you can claim them and what this can do to your tax bill.

11th of December: Bookkeeping Startup Masterclass

Good bookkeeping is anything from a well-managed Excel spreadsheet to an accounting software package that is well maintained. But how do you keep good books and records?

During this masterclass, we will discuss what books and records you should keep and for how long. We will also explain how you can make sure your books are accurate.

9th of January 2020: How to Pay Yourself Startup Masterclass

Many entrepreneurs do not want to take a salary in the first few months of their startup, but what happens when you decide you do want to take a salary? Whether you take a salary from the beginning of your startup or later on, it’s important to note what is involved in taking a salary as a director of a company.

In this masterclass, we will look at the difference between a salary and dividends, how you can pay yourself, what director returns are and pension arrangements.

13th of February 2020: Important Company Deadlines For New Companies

Whether you have an accountant or take care of your own accounting, it’s important to know what deadlines your company has for filing accounts and company filings. If you do not know your deadlines, you may miss one and have to pay a fine, or your company could face audits.

This masterclass we will discuss what company deadlines you should know, such as the date for filing your first Annual Return (B1 Filing) and annual returns, filing corporation tax and VAT. We will also explain the consequences of missing these deadlines.

Why Should I Attend the Startup Masterclass?

  • Gain valuable knowledge about running your startup.
  • Receive important advice and information that can help grow your business.
  • Understand basic accountancy that you will need for your business.
  • Have your questions answered by professionals.

How Do I Join The Startup Masterclass?

If you are a new client of Accountant Online you will receive notifications of upcoming masterclasses and we will send you a registration link every month.

If you are not a current client of Accountant Online, the Startup Masterclasses are available with our Startup Offer.

Our Startup Offer is available to newly incorporated companies for just €49 + VAT per month for the first 6 months of your incorporation. This offer is paid in advance for 6 months.

Alongside, 6 free Startup Masterclasses, the Startup Offer also includes:

  • Annual Return B1 Filing,
  • PAYE Registration,
  • Payroll For Up To 5 Staff,
  • VAT Registration and Filing,
  • Corporation Tax Registration
  • Two one-to-one scheduled consultations with your accountant.