Learn how to pay yourself from your company

Date: Thursday 11th February 2021

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

This Startup Masterclass is perfect for you if you’ve just started a new company. Or if you’re changing from Sole Trader to Limited Company in Ireland.

As a Director of a company, there are more ways you can pay yourself than if you are a Sole Trader. You can pay yourself a salary or dividend and contribute to your pension through your company.

Join Chartered Accountant, Tom Francis, for a live Startup Masterclass to learn how to extract money from your company and other accounting requirements that are involved with paying yourself.

What you'll learn:

  • The different options for payment inside and outside of Ireland

    There are generally two ways you can pay yourself: salary or dividends. If you're not a resident in Ireland, there may be a double taxation agreement with your country of residence or you may be able to apply for a PAYE exclusion order.

  • How to pay yourself a salary through payroll

    Taxes can differ between proprietary Directors vs. non-proprietary Directors. Paying yourself through payroll can have different requirements depending on personal circumstances.

  • How you can plan your salary to minimise tax liability

    You can plan your salary to avoid the higher income tax rate of 40%. You can also contribute to a pension scheme that can lower your tax liability.

  • How to claim tax credits

    Depending on personal circumstances, tax credits can help reduce the amount of income tax due.

  • The different types of accounting responsibilities with each payment method

    Salaries and dividends paid out to Directors need to be reported to Irish Revenue through specific forms and processes.

  • How to decide the best payment method for you

    You can ask your specific questions using the chat box function and our accountant Tom will help you decide what the best payment method is for you. If you need specialised advice, you can arrange a private consultation with one of our accountants.

Tom Francis FCCA

Your host, Chartered Accountant Tom Francis FCCA

Join Tom for an exclusive webinar on how to take money out of your company and other accounting requirements that are involved with paying yourself.

This is a live Masterclass so you can use the chat-box to ask Tom any questions you have about the topic.

How do I join the Startup Masterclass?

Our Startup Masterclasses are free for clients of Accountant Online. You will receive a link to register for our Startup Masterclass each month.

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