17th of October 2019: Expenses Startup Masterclass

A large number of allowable expenses go unclaimed every year because people are don’t know what they can claim for.

During this Masterclass, we will be discussing what expenses you may be entitled to, how you can claim them and what this can do to your tax bill.

The purpose of the webinar is for you, as a business owner, to learn more about which expenses you can and can’t claim and how to correctly calculate an expense. We also go through some examples where an item, for example a phone, is used both for business and personal use and how to calculate the business expense part of this.

Topics of conversation

At this webinar Chartered Accountants Tom Francis will be answering questions such as:

  • What is a business expense?
  • What is a Personal Expense?
  • How Do You Do A Motor expenses calculation
  • How Do You Do A Phone Bill calculation
  • Can You Claim Rent As An Expense?
  • What About Pre-Trading Expenses?
  • Travel And Subsistence
  • What is the Working From Home allowance?
  • What Is Round Sum Payments And Can These Be Claimed?
  • What About Site Based Employees?

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