This Masterclass is cancelled.

We have made the decision to cancel this Startup Masterclass due to an increase in queries about Covid-19.

We are hosting Covid-19 Q&A webinars to help Sole Traders and companies in Ireland through this difficult time.

The next Covid-19 Q&A Webinar will be on Thursday, 2nd April at 4:00 pm (GMT).

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Learn what expenses you can claim

Date: Thursday 9th April 2020

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

A large number of allowable expenses go unclaimed every year because people don’t know what they can claim. There are different guidelines around the types of expenses you may be entitled to, how you can claim them and what this can do to your tax bill.

Join Chartered Accountant, Tom Francis, for an exclusive webinar to learn more about which expenses you can and can’t claim and how to correctly calculate an expense. We also go through some examples where an expense, e.g. a phone, is used both for business and personal use and how to calculate the business expense part of this.

What you'll learn:

  • The different types of business expenses you can claim

    There is a distinct difference between business expenses and personal expenses. These differences determine if you can claim that expense as a business expense.

  • How to do a motor expense/travel and subsistence calculation

    We show you how to calculate a motor expense if your car is used for both work and personal use.

  • Expenses you may not have known you could claim

    There are some expenses you may not realize you can claim back, for example, pre-trading expenses and working from home allowance.

  • Round sum payments

    Examples of round sum payments includes car, fuel, living or rent or travel allowance.

  • Expenses for site-based employees/Directors

    Site-based employees are employees that don’t have a fixed base and perform their duties in different locations.

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