How to ensure your small business is safe from an online attack

Watch our free one-hour webinar with CyberPie, one of Ireland's leading cybersecurity firms, to discuss the most common cyber threats, how to mitigate those threats, and what steps you need to take to protect your business from cybercriminals

Have you ever stopped to think about the state of your cyber security?

Protect your business

Learn what simple measures you can take to protect your businesses from cyber-attacks.

Prevent and prepare

Find out how you can prevent and prepare for attacks before it's too late.


Ask questions during our webinar and we will discuss the concerns and questions from small business owners.

About CyberPie

One -stop solution
CyberPie is dedicated to helping you protect your business so you can focus on running your business. They help you to implement simple, practical solutions.
Protection in under 5 mins a week!
All the must-have knowledge and tools are consolidated into one platform, so you can build security into your business in under 5 minutes a week.
Built with small businesses in mind
CyberPie makes cyber-security straightforward and easy to follow. They provide information you can trust so your customers trust you.