Business Growth Webinar with The CX Academy

The CX Academy sets the professional certification standard for Customer Experience learning. They provide a solution to embed the knowledge, skills and practices required to deliver CX Excellence consistently in business.

Receive A Customer Experience (CX) Masterclass

Improve your customer’s journey

Learn how to recognise and differentiate through CX - stand out in the world of sameness.

Turn problems into profit

Find out how CX excellence can result in more effective decision-making and actions.

Create deeper relationships

Learn about the CX Academy Framework which is made up of six emotional drivers that enable companies to build emotional bonds with customers.

Webinar agenda

  • What Customer Experience (CX) is and why it’s critical to Irish business

  • The CX Academy framework with best practice examples

  • Recognising CX Excellence in others - who does well in CX?

  • The need for CX education and certification to deliver immediate and long term ROI

About The CX Academy

Professional CX Certification
The CX Academy provide a solution to embed the practices required to deliver CX Excellence through their certified online courses.
Achieve Customer Experience excellence
The CX Academy has distilled many years of CX knowledge into courses that now set the standard in Customer Experience learning.
Fundamentals of CX
Receive practical tools and frameworks that will help you to transform your Customer Experience.

The Experts

Michael Killeen

CEO of The CX Company

I founded The CX Company in 2014, helping clients implement CX strategies. The CX Company launched The CX Academy in 2018, the first company in the world to offer accredited professional eLearning courses.
    Julian Douglas

    Head of The CX Academy

    I oversee the programme development, operations, sales and marketing initiatives. We have developed two ground-breaking courses – the Professional Certificate in CX and the Professional Diploma in CX.