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This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from top financial and accounting experts. Featuring Áine Cullen, Senior Financial Planner at askpaul, alongside Larissa Feeney, CEO, and Rose Kervick, Director at Accountant Online, this webinar is designed to help business owners achieve financial balance in both their personal and business finances. In this free session, you'll gain valuable insights and practical tips on how to plan for your future and manage your finances effectively.

Meet the hosts

Financial Planning For Business Owners hosts

Larissa Feeney FCA, CEO of Accountant Online

Rose Kervick, director at Accountant Online

Áine Cullen CFP® MSc GDip QFA, Senior Financial Planner at askpaul

Expert advice from askpaul and Accountant Online


Jargon-free support

Get free advice on business financial planning, such as tax planning, investment planning, and retirement planning.. This webinar will be jargon-free, easy to follow and easy to implement.

Meet your goals

Find out how building a financial plan can help you to meet your business and personal financial goals, with help from a Qualified Financial Advisor and Chartered Accountant.

Live Q&A

Ask your questions live during this free webinar. We're here to help you succeed in business, by providing you with expert advice and support during your business journey. Register now to find out more.


askpaul is a place that helps you to take control of your money. They help you to put the right financial plan in place and show you how to make your money work smarter.

askpaul’s team of qualified financial advisors have the expertise and guidance to help you achieve all your financial goals – in business and personal life.

Why is financial planning important?

  • Helps you to enjoy a better standard of living

    Budgeting and saving or investing doesn't have to compromise your lifestyle. Working with qualified financial advisors can help to ensure that your standard of living doesn't falter when you create a financial plan.

  • Helps you to make sense of your money

    Financial planning helps you to take control of your money and the goal is to make your money work smarter for you. With the help of professionals, you can be on the right track to achieving your financial goals.

  • Increases your savings

    You can contribute to your savings pot more efficiently by spotting opportunities throughout the year. For example, switch to cheaper mortgage rates, better protection quotes, and much more.

  • Gives you peace of mind

    By having control over your money, you can have peace of mind that you have adequate funds to cover monthly expenses and savings, while also treaing yourself and your family without worry.

  • Prepares you for what the future holds

    No one can predict the reasons you may need money in the future. But by having the right protection and financial plan, you can be assured that you and your family are protected without having to sacrifice ``today you`` for ``future you``.

  • Helps you to focus on your goals

    As a business owner, you may have specific business goals and separate personal financial goals. With a financial plan, you can stay focused on the things that matter to you and make sure that your money works how you want it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I can't join live, will I receive a recording afterwards? +
Yes, we send a recording to everyone who registers. So, if you can’t attend the live webinar, register now and receive your recording after the live event.
Can I join from a different country? +
This is a live online event, available nationally and internationally. Join and ask questions from a place that is convenient for you.
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