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Rose Kervick and Ingrid Hansgaard from Accountant Online are the new Entrepreneurs Anonymous Dublin Chapter Masters for 2018. Rose and Ingrid have been planning the 2018 agenda for Entrepreneurs Anonymous and would appreciate feedback from the entrepreneur community in Dublin for suggestions on speakers.

Accountant Online is proud to support a Meetup that encourages startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. We hope you’ll come along and meet other like-minded people.

Do You Know An Entrepreneur Who…?

  • Has an inspirational startup story to share
  • Has a process, skillset, knowledge or expertise that will be useful for entrepreneurs to learn
  • Has the generosity to give back to the startup community in Dublin for a couple of hours?

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Here Is Our Agenda For 2018;

  • January 30th – Setting Your Vision, Goals and Action Plan for 2018. With speakers Eddie Walsh Business Coach and Laurence Campbell Business and Executive Coach.
  • February 27th – Funding Your Startup Business. With speakers Steve Flynn Founder & CEO of Skytango, Jannetje van Leeuwen Co-Creator of NOSO Journal for Teens, Richard Whelan CEO and co-founder at Popdeem, David Power Founder and COO of Hiri and David McDonnell of New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme
  • March 27th – How I Sold 1 Million… RSVP now!
  • April – Why We Love Experimenting – And Why You Will Too
  • May – How To Launch Your Online Business
  • June – Work/Life Balance. The 4 Hour Work Week – Is It Possible?
  • September – How Finding A Co-founder Saved My Business
  • October – Work Smarter – Productivity Hacks For Startups
  • November – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Finding A Mentor

Do you know speakers who would contribute well to these themes?

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